Juan Pablo Montoya: Oops! You Did It Again, Said Juan to Brian Pattie

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IAugust 2, 2010

LONG POND, PA - JULY 30:  Juan Pablo Montoya, driver of the #42 Target Chevrolet, sits in his car during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway on July 30, 2010 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images for NASCAR)
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Well ok, he did not say that but he should have!

Sunday at Pocono, Juan Pablo Montoya had been running a typical No. 42 race, up front, as one hopes for a good finish, this was clearly a top five car, but then the unthinkable happened.

Brian Pattie pulled a Britney Spears on the No. 42 team, “he hit them one more time” with his second losing decision in as many weeks, a four-tire change.

This time, he took Juan Pablo Montoya from a comfortable second place to somewhere in the teens where he could enjoy plenty of dirty air and slower speeds.

You know, where he had a good chance to win!

If you notice lots of sarcasm in this article it’s because the last two weeks have been so bizarre, sarcasm might be the best way to deal with it.


You don’t need to be a crew chief to know that for some reason this No. 42 car does not do well in traffic, it just doesn’t like dirty air, even with “four” tires it’s not the same car.

The logical thing would be to take a chance on two tires and keep the car up front, just ask Greg Erwin, he had a two-tire strategy throughout the race and won Pocono, lucky for Biffle, he got the right call.

Huh, who would of thought.

There is something wrong with this team, and Chip Ganassi needs to do something before it falls apart (if it hasn’t already).

I understand Juan and Brian did not talk after The Brickyard race and probably will talk less this week, that should tell us where this is going nowhere fast, you can bet the wife and dog on that.

This time (from reports I’ve seen) Montoya made it clear he wasn’t happy with the four-tire decision, a report actually said he “blew up with anger” at the decision.

You only need to hear the radio conversation to understand what’s going on here, it’s X rated so I won’t quote it here.

Does this mean Brian’s time at EGR is running out?

I think so, I would be very surprised if he makes it past the next couple weeks, then again we may not know the whole story, maybe Montoya is leaving EGR next year and Chip Ganassi wants Brian Pattie to lead his replacement.

Just speculation, the EGR folks don’t do many interviews, so is hard to guess what they are up to.

One thing is certain, Brian Pattie had two major screw ups the last few weeks, I know many of you don’t agree with that, but the fact is he had at least a top five car in the last two races and his decisions got him a 32nd Finish at Indy and a 16th place at Pocono.

That’s undeniable.

Brian Pattie needs to move on or Juan Pablo Montoya needs to get with a new team; this is not working out, it will just get worse.

As always, this is just a fan's opinion, and from what I understand everybody has one, and I thank God for that.

Enough said.