R&R: Who's Better-Dibiase Or Rhodes?

Michael FinleyContributor IAugust 2, 2010

Before we dive in Finamanics, I have a few annucments concerning this series. 1) Based on what "the people" said, I will stop with the long intrductions after today. 2) This article will have a 5 part series called "How to do an invasion right", where I will be presenting a dream story, and 3) after that series is done, this article will be shut down and will be replaced by a Saturday, Sunday, and Wenseday article.

Now then, who is better among the former Legacy Lackeys? The Trust Fund Man or The Dashing One? Knee pads or no knee pads? I think that both have decent mid-card, blue chipper (or Gold Chipper for Dibiase) spots on RAW and Smackdown!. They seem to get simialer treatment from WWE, and they both are good wrestlers. Ted might be a bit better as a wrestler, but Cody might be a bit bigger on his show. so thats 1 for 1. As for Talking? Cody gets this round. Ted seems like a kid who bought a fake belt from Merch before the show. Managers? Ted loses this round believe it or not, because with Maryse, everybody is watching more her then him, while I don't see anybody staring at Husky's chest. Gimmick? This is a no contest. You can be known as a wrestlers son and still get rusellts (see Mr. Perfect and Randy Orton), but you can't get over by out right stealing his gimmick. As for the people who say that Cody's is too much like Lex Luger, Brock Lesaner's was too much like Goldberg, but he had a decent gimmick. JBL had a great gimmick, and it was a rip-off of Dibiase Sr. Music? Ted's is just a lower pitched Legacy theme, while Cody's fits his charcter decently.

So the winner, and the next 2nd or 3rd gen star/Rick Martel Rip-off is "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. My guess is that they will one day have a grudge match at Wrestlemania one day, but untill then, Cody is the clear winner. Comment below.... c'mon, I'll be your best friend?