WWE's ECW Should Have Been Repackaged, Not Replaced By NXT

Omar MohamedContributor IAugust 2, 2010

NXT should have replaced Superstars because unused RAW and SD should have gone to ECW. The idea of a third brand was a good one since a lot of talent on Smackdown and RAW never got their chance to shine or make names for themselves on both shows so that third show was needed for those guys and for the development wrestlers who needed a place to elevate their talents before going to SD or RAW. There were only a few problems that needed to be solved.

1) Rename it: ECW didn't fit the show's nature. It wasn't extreme so it needed another name. Maybe "WWE Carnage"

2) It needed two hours instead of one: Because it would have been more interesting. Two hours of fresh new talent or wrestlers getting deserved mic and in-ring time.

3) Global, TV and Tag Team Championship: Since it has a lot of underused and new talent, putting two random wrestlers in a tag team won't hurt them but it will benefit them and benefit the show by having tag teams. And the TV Championship will be for the mid-carders while the Global Championship will of course be for the main-eventers,

4) More promoting from WWE: WWE needed to advertise and promote Carnage as the youth-show where the future begins. It will be interesting to the fans to see the future stars of this company on one show along with some veterans.

5) Involvment at WrestleMania: Let's see: WM24 - The title is defended in 8 secs. WM25 - the ECW Champion has no place at 'Mania. The renewed show should have like two matches on the card and getting places in the MITB Match.