Top 10 Rule Changes That Helped Shape Modern Sports

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Top 10 Rule Changes That Helped Shape Modern Sports

With the recent change of the NCAA basketball tournament format from 64 to 68 teams, fans have shown their distaste for change. Sure, there were a significant amount of people that were in favor of this move. However, it isn't the first time people have been upset about change. The number one fear in America according to numerous statistics is not death, but change.

Not only do people get upset about change in sports, they get upset about change in everyday life. Nobody likes to move from one school to another. Nobody likes to move from one job to another. Nobody likes when Facebook randomly changes their layout without fair warning.

The funny thing about change is that everybody eventually gets used to it and it becomes the norm. When you move to a new school and are forced to make friends, you do. When you get a new job, you make adjustments. Plus, you're being paid either way. When Facebook changes their layout, you get used to it. When rule changes happen in sports, people may get angry initially, but in most cases they make the sport better. You're still rooting for your favorite team and it's more of a burden on the players to adjust anyways.

Sports as we know it today were far from perfect when they were first invented. They're far from perfect today. That's why every year there are adjustments to the rules. They actually pay people to identify these issues, as sad as that is.

There have been hundreds of rule changes that have shaped sports as we know them today. Interestingly enough, some of the greatest changes in sports have happened within the last 10-20 years. Others happened over a century ago. There are actually some head scratchers that make you say "That was seriously at one point a rule/not a rule?" Some of those changes stand out over the others though. Here are the top ten rule changes that helped to shape modern sports.

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