Cleveland Report: Is Joey Graham The Next Succeeder To LeBron James?

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2010

Joey Graham has recently signed with the Cavaliers, as most people who are Cavaliers fans would know by now. He signed a two deal worth $2.1 million over those two years.

But, what most do not understand is the possiblity that Joey Graham be the answer to the missing LeBron James.

Could Graham really take on a starting position role at the three position for the Cavaliers? 

There have been many reports that are placing Joey Graham in the starting lineup. I ask myself many questions as to why they assume this is going to happen. In  my opinion Graham is not the starting small forward material.

It's been a tale of Good Joey, Bad Joey, and Bad Joeys dominated the many Toronto Raptor games that I've attended. Joey Graham would hit a few shots, start to think he was the main show, and jack up ridiculous looking shots that were not even close to going in.

Joey Graham is a good player coming off the bench, but giving him a starting job? I rather give it to the rookie Christian Eyenga, or move Antawn Jamison down from power forward to small forward.

Graham is a decent swing player coming off the bench. He is very athletic and has a decent jump shot, and due to his physical abilities, he is able to finish with contact around the rim. 

But to give Graham a starting position, especially being the man to replace LeBron James, isn't a task that Graham has successfully dealt with in his career. And he will not live up to expectations. 

Joey has put up some decent numbers in his five year career. Putting up 6.0 points and 2.0 rebounds over his career, in only 16.4 minutes a game.

I would rather do two things if I was the Cavaliers coaching staff. I would either put in rookie Christian Eyenga, if the Cavs are in the rebuilding process and are willing to let a rookie with tonnes of potential grow as a player. He is long and athletic and can put up big numbers, as I have seen when he played overseas. He is extremely athletic (Yes, I said it again). Eyenga has a wingspan of over 7'0, and he uses that to his advantage on both sides of the ball.

Or, if the Cavaliers are going to try and compete this upcoming seasons, I would slide down Antawn Jamison from the four spot to the three spot. Then move J.J. Hickson to the four spot. Jamison would be a taller defender on defense that would bother many win players. As well on the offensive side of the ball, Jamison has the quickness to play the wing position, and the ability to shoot the three as well.