Michael Schumacher Crashes into Barrier

Ryan WoodAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

I thought I'd write a quick article as I found this report quite funny.

Michael Schumacher has crashed after returning from an event at Silverstone. The seven-time Formula 1 Champion was driving a Fiat van (his van of choice), when he suddenly drove into a security barrier.

But wait, this gets even more embarrassing.

A car salesman was hit by the barrier and sent flying through the air, finally landing on a car bonnet.

Martin Kingham of Millfield Motors was unhurt, as was Mr. Schumacher. Only minor damage was done to his Fiat van, and the bonnet of an unknown car.

Martin, 39, called police just after 4:00 pm. On arrival a police officer said to Mr. Kingham, "That chap is claiming to be Michael Schumacher."

Mr. Kingham responded, "You know what, he doesn't half look like him." Then the Penny dropped, and both the officer and Mr. Kingham realised that it was in fact the former F1 driver.

Mr. Kingham immediately rang his business partner and said, "You'll never guess who I've just been ran over by."

Michael Schumacher's entourage turned up, sorted out insurance details, and swiftly left, leaving Mr. Kingham a little shocked. (I think I would be.)


This could be what it looked like: (reconstruction)