Carlo Ancelotti Feels Chelsea Better Than Liverpool Even Without UCL Win

Robin SAnalyst IAugust 1, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 17:  Manager Carlo Ancelotti of Chelsea watches his players warm up during the Pre Season Friendly match between Crystal Palace and Chelsea at Selhurst Park on July 17, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is desperate to replicate last season's sensational show which saw Chelsea complete the double of Premier League and FA Cup for the first time in their history.

However, following England's dismal run in the WC, Chelsea's English contingents Frank Lampard, John Terry, and Ashley Cole might not have psychologically recovered to face a new challenge. Ancelotti knows the importance of this trio to his side's success in the forthcoming season.

Now Ancelotti has advised his players to put their minds back to the end of last season. And this is what you call living in the past.

Ancelotti, instead of inspiring his players, is trying to take them back to past glories. He feels that last season's taste of success is enough to inspire his team to do the same. The Chelsea boss might want to repeat last season's accomplishments.

But it will take some doing considering the improvements being made at his rival camps.

As part of a cost-cutting strategy Chelsea has been quiet in the summer transfer window. That's not the Chelsea we all know.

Extravagant spending is synonymous to Chelsea; so lack of transfer activities only suggest one thing that Chelsea does fear the proposed UEFA regulations of modulating the cash being splashed by clubs beyond their means.

The departure of Joe Cole from Chelsea underlines the same issue. Chelsea is finally trying to be within their means.

Up till now they were blindly depending on a Russian moneybag to prise their targets away from any club.

However, that had to stop now since the new UEFA rules, once implemented, would make it impossible for Chelsea to compete in the Champions League if they don't cut their costs.

Chelsea is also sweating hard to name the 25-member squad since they currently don't meet the stipulated home-grown quota. There should be 8 home-grown players in the 25-member squad but Chelsea needs three more home-grown players to complete the list.

So are they going to buy? Or are they going to name only 22 players?

If it was the old Chelsea you would straight away affirm that they will buy, buy, and buy to meet any kind of rules and regulations. But not anymore.

The only player linked with Chelsea who has got a realistic chance of completing the move is Ramires. And does he come under that home grown category? No, he doesn't. So it remains to be seen how the double-winning manager is going to sort this one out.

Meanwhile, before signing for Liverpool, the ex-Chelsea midfielder—Joe Cole—declared then that he was going to sign for the biggest club in the country.

If you take Liverpool's achievements in European Champion's League and the number of domestic League titles they won into account, he has a point there.

Although the current plight of Liverpool is awful, they still remain as one of the most successful clubs in England. Who can write off a grand comeback by Liverpool in the most dramatic fashion? Only Ancelotti.

"That is his opinion but I don’t think it is a reality. Liverpool is a fantastic club with a fantastic history and a tradition. But is normal for a player to say things like that when he joins a new club," said Ancelotti referring to Cole's comment that Liverpool is the biggest club in the country.

That was a jibe at Liverpool. He wanted to say Liverpool is nowhere near Chelsea's class but had fallen short with his twisted approach.

Even if Chelsea hasn't won any Champions League titles, Ancelotti feels his Cup and League double in his first season counts more than what Liverpool has achieved over all these years.

His arrogance makes him feel that he has achieved more than what Liverpool did in his debut season.

When other teams are persistently trying to meet the new FA governs, Ancelotti is finding joy in having a go at his rivals.

His prime concern should be Chelsea. But at the moment he seems to be overly concerned about what his rival teams and players have got to say.

In the process he may end up with a 22-man squad.