Celtics 24/7 News: Forum Launching Monday!

TylerContributor IJuly 31, 2010

So I was going to wait until Sunday or even Monday morning to announce this for the first time, but I couldn’t wait. Celtics 24/7 will be launching a brand new, user friendly, forum/message board this Monday! We have been working very hard on the forum the last few weeks to make sure it will be fully integrated with the blog when it opens and trust me it will be! We were able to find a brand new feature that I am pretty sure no one else has that I think you guys will love! It is really going to connect our blog and forum as one to help the everyday Boston fan stay up to date with everything Celtics. Very exciting stuff to say the least. I can’t release all the details yet, but just know its going to be a great addition to the site and I am 100% sure you will all be very very pleased! Stay tuned!