WWE Is Not Dying, It's Just Your Interest!

Rex WilliamsContributor IAugust 1, 2010

The title says it all really.  After reading an article here on B/R that speaks of WWE's "Eventual Demise" it got me thinking.  Some people (mainly the 18 - 34 demographic) think the WWE is falling because of their bad storylines and character development, but let me tell you that the only thing that is falling is your interest!

Sure, WWE wasn't what it was and Vince McMahon even admits it.  But you have good times and bad times and WWE caught lightening in a bottle at least ten times in the "Attitude Era". 

What made WWE so successful though?  Good storylines? No.  Character Development? No.  What made the WWE so successful in the Attitude Era was a product that matched the audience they were marketing for. 

It just so happens that today, in Vince McMahon's forth decade of ownership, that they have changed who they market to.  Yes your upset because maybe like me, you were a child in the 80s, which WWE aimed to please, then in the 90s you were an adult and WWE gave you the product you demanded.

But, you have to keep evolving yourself.  WWE can't rely on you and me because we wouldn't live forever.  And I sure as hell, wouldn't let my son watch WWE's Attitude Era product.  So when WWE was losing an audience, did you expect them to do nothing?

Instead they changed with the times.  WWE is PG now and our interest is slipping away.  But, if PG fails and they don't get the audience they want they will evolve again and look for the right audience because that's what businesses do. 

So, you may not like WWE changing their product and you may think it is causing the WWE to "demise", but your wrong. 

The storylines are simple because (and I'm sorry if your a five year old reading this) a child's mind is simple.  They don't need storylines that are too complex.  If you are like me and remember the 1980s, look back and tell me if your stunned that such simplistic storylines interested you back then when you were only young. 

I do agree that WWE's product is not the standard of the last ten years, but that's because the audience they want is the same of the last ten years.  You may not be who the WWE is marketing towards.

But, you only need to look out at the crowd to realise how smart Vince McMahon was to move towards PG.  Do you see all the Orange Cena tops?  It is like a fruit stand sometimes. 

WWE doesn't expect you to wear the Cena shirts, they don't even expect you to like him, but they don't care because you are not who WWE are marketing towards.  The children however are wearing the Cena shirts and are buying into the simplistic storylines WWE are offering. 

So ask me.  Has WWE moving towards PG been a success?  Yes, it has! 

Is WWE about to feel their demise?  Sure, WWE is going through a rough patch, but what company doesn't.  The fact of the matter remains as long as WWE are getting what they are looking for, they will stay happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading, but I would like you to read just a little more as this article was in response to an article by Cec Van Galini (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/427922-the-eventual-demise-of-the-wwe).  Check it out and give your own response to his good work!