Rockets ready to "Take-off" with Artest

Andrew FongCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The trade was a steal!  The Rockets can't wait for Donte Greene to develop and next year's pick will surely be in the low 20s.  I like what Aaron Brooks brings to the table as a PG off the bench so losing Bobby Jackson is not a big deal to me.  What makes losing Donte even less painful is the fact that the Rockets were able to get Joey Dorsey in the draft day trade.  Daryl Morey  is turning out to be more and more of a genius.  The Rockets gave up nothing, basically turning Bonzi and theirlow first round draft picks for Artest and Dorsey.  Add in Scola for Spanoulis and the drafting of Landry, and in just two years the Rockets have a locked and loaded team.
With the age of TMAC and the longevity of a man as big as Yao, the time is definitely now.  Ron and Tracy are 29 and 28, so the window is probably 5 years should be we able to sign him to the Rockets could lock him up I smell championship during any given season.
Think about matchups with the two finals teams

Defense-  Artest is stronger than Pierce and can lock him down; Battier on Ray;  KG to fend for himself against our depth of big men to throw at him

Offense – Ray can't hold TMAC; Artest will give Pierce fits; KG won't play Yao straight up leaving Perkins to be eaten up

Advantage: Rockets

Defense-  Artest and Battier harassing Kobe, both play him well; Battier or Artest on Odom; Pau to fend for himself against our depth of big men to throw at him          

Offense – Kobe can only guard either TMAC or Artest; no one can stop Yao

Advantage: Rockets