A Way To Bring Back MVP

Atobe KeigoContributor IIJuly 31, 2010

There was once a man in the WWE called MVP and he was the longest reigning United Sates Champion in the WWE’s entire history. But after that title run, they gave him a horrible 27 weeks loss run and finally ended when he beat Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match. From that moment he challenged Shelton Benjamin for his US Title. He won and became a 2 time US Champion, I was hoping that this would lead to him being a world title contender and eventually winning The World Championship. Oh boy was I wrong because the second he lost that title which was 267 days less than his original run he went to Raw which lead to nothing and is now at Smackdown in which he is barely used. This is a storyline in how they can bring up Smackdown’s MVP.


Its starts with MVP coming out with his VIP Lounge and immediately turning against the fans, saying stuff like “for a year and a half now I have pleaded to you people and what has that gotten me, NOTHING! Then it came to me that I am half man half amazing and this VIP Lounge is for people better than you. I talked to Vickie Guerrero the official consultant of Smackdown and she told me that if I can win for 8 weeks straight, then I get my contract back in which I was the highest paid wrestler in Smackdown history. I am telling you all now that this is the day that Montel Vontavious Porter’s career gets turned around.” Then he talks a little more and eventually leaves.


In those 8 weeks (which include 2 PPV matches) he wins and is back to his old status. He then brags about it while keeping a good streak of wins. Then one day on Smackdown the Intercontinental Champion has won a very hard match and MVP comes and hits the Play Of The Day (or hopefully a better finisher). He grabs the mic and says “I can see my future perfectly now, I see myself becoming the next Intercontinental Champion. This leads to a series of match ups in which MVP becomes Intercontinental Champion and starts being dominating again at Smackdown.


He holds it for a good 6 months and when he loses it he starts pursuing the World Title. He wins a couple of matches to become the number one contender. He challenges the World Champion and on his last try for the World Title against the champion he wins and finally becomes a world champion. He grabs the mic and screams to the sky “Montel Vontavious Porter Smackdown’s MVP is the World Heavyweight Champion.”


If this or a storyline in which MVP becomes Champion doesn’t happen soon then he will either go to FCW or even worse fired. I hope that this happens because I used to like heel MVP, and what do you all think about what should happen to Montel Vontavious Porter?