Smackdown Lowdown: Some Old, Some New

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Smackdown Lowdown: Some Old, Some New

Last week we found out that Tiffany would be facing Layla for her Women's Title. Let's see how all that panned out this week:

[dailymotion id=xe7fhn]

LayCool is out first, and they look fabulous in my favorite outfit-combo of theirs.

Next out is Tiffany with Kelly to an ever so fake pop. Before the match up gets underway, Vickie Guererro walks out to a great reaction, except hers, as we all know, is actually real. She basically switches Layla and Michelle in the match, so now Michelle is the one defending her title.

Err, ok then. I honestly don't know what the point of that was, but whatever.

The bell rings and Michelle mocks Tiffany, who is getting really aggravated. Michelle begins doing push ups, and as she goes to her knees is hit with a nice low dropkick. Tiffany knees Michelle, followed by multiple elbows to the face before she pummels the co-champ in the corner with some kicks. Michelle shoves Tiff' off, but is taken to the top rope anyhow.

The women trade blows until Tiffany gains control by clubbing Michelle in the back. She heads to the top along with Michelle, seemingly going for a superplex. They continually trade blows until Tiffany finally hits a great-looking superplex. Tiffany goes for the pin but Michelle gets her shoulder up right at the last minute.

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The challenger tries running the ropes but is tripped up by the other half of LayCool, Layla. K2 then crawls up behind Layla, helping Tiffany out (for once!) by laying in some elbows on her. Layla shoves her off, and on the return is hit with a dropkick from Tiffany, who also yells "Stay down!"

That made me chuckle.

As Tiffany heads to the top rope Michelle trips her up. Tiff' lands right on her crotch before having her faith broken thanks to Michelle. The co-champ goes for the pin and gets the win.

I think that was a really nice little match up, if just a bit slow. They could've done more, but what they did do was good. Tiffany got good offense in, showing her 'take no shit' attitude we all love, but Michelle came out on top in the end, as she should've.

No offense to Tiffany, but I don't think she's exactly ready to be champion just yet. She's got a good understanding of the basics, but now she needs to work on her own signature moves, and especially a new finishing move.

One thing I didn't like about the whole segment was that Layla was switched with Michelle. For one, what motive does WWE have for doing this? It was stupid, and for me, very unwanted. I want to see Layla wrestle more. I want to see her defend her gold. And I just all-around want to see her.

I know what Michelle can do, and she does it well, but it's time for Layla to get time to grow and show us what she can do. It just came across as shady, and unneeded.

Teddy Long then comes on the titantron. He tells LayCool that their fun is over, and that there can only be one Women's Champion. He says they can decide amongst themselves, otherwise he will next week.

I'm definitely happy about this, because I am not feeling LayCool's co-champ gimmick at all! The only thing that could go wrong is Michelle being given the title, because Layla did get the pin on Beth, and let's face it, do we really need another Michelle McCool title run? Honestly?

So let's hope WWE makes the right decision and gives Layla the title next week.


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