Killing The Beast-LA Comes To Town

Dave DalbyContributor IJuly 30, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 15:  Tim Lincecum #55 of the San Francisco Giants pitches against the New York Mets in the second inning at AT&T Park on July 15, 2010 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Beast comes to town tonight.  It wears its road grey uniform with Los Angeles emblazoned on the front and its blue LA hat.  A rare opportunity presents itself to kill off this Beast, if not forever, at least for this year.  The old rivals face each other for three critical games at AT&T Park this weekend.  To old-timers these games mean more than just games in the division or games in a pennant race.  To finish ahead of the Beast is almost as good as winning the pennant.

The rivalry has somewhat drifted over the years with the advent of inter-league games and unbalanced schedules.  You don't see the Beast as often as you did in the past.  Still, they are the hated ones.  Recent bean ball events evoke memories of the past that have fueled the rivalry across two coasts and two centuries.

Come on Giants, kill the Beast.  Kill it for the Willies' and Juan.  Kill it for the Bonds'.  Kill it for Crazy Crab and Lou Seal.  Kill it for Will and Timmy.  Most of all, Kill it for the fans.