How Long Title Reigns Could Help The WWE Main Event Scene

Joe HarbyContributor IJuly 30, 2010

This is my first article here at Bleacher Report so go easy on me!

Whilst thinking of ideas for my first article, I began to think about what I missed in Pro Wrestling, more specifically the WWE. After some time I realised that there has not been a substantial World title reign in the WWE for some time. Having taking a two year break from wrestling in 2007 after the death and murders of the Benoit family, I decided to begin watching again. The last lengthy title reigns that stick in my mind are those of John Cena and Batista following their victories at WrestleMania 21. I am aware that there have been long title reigns since then, but they appear to be less frequent in the now PG WWE.

Every time a new champion is crowned I want to see what that superstar can bring to the table and, more importantly, to the main event scene. But WWE continuously let me and the rest of the WWE Universe (I hate that phrase) down. Just look at the recent reigns of wrestlers like Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Rey’s reign lasted a pathetic 28 days, not even a month. What is that supposed to say about the title? That it is easy to claim? That it is passed around to anyone who wants it? To me it seems like Rey was given the title to simply take heat from Swagger and his dire reign. Rey is not a Heavyweight so why give the World HEAVYWEIGHT Championship to a Cruiserweight? Why did they not keep the gold on Swagger through Fatal-Four-Way and up until Money in the Bank in order to give the man at least a tiny bit of credibility? They could have made Swagger look like a dominant, unstoppable, submission machine but instead they give him a reign of fair length but little credibility. Now that Kane is holding the strap I hope that he can bring some much needed prestige back to the title with a good long run without dropping it to The Undertaker as soon as he returns.

What WWE fails to realise is that long title runs keeps the viewers interested. Why? Because we want to know when, how and who the holder will lose it to. Title changes every month just makes me think “Oh well, they are just gonna lose it next month anyway.” With both Sheamus and Kane, WWE have a great opportunity. Both have the “Powerhouse” gimmick and both need to gain credibility following their previously underwhelming reigns as champions. Giving Sheamus a long run as the WWE Champion will help viewers to connect to him as a heel and as a serious main eventer. He could hold the belt until Survivor Series where he could lose it to a returning Triple H. This applies to Kane too: I would like to see him face The Undertaker at Night of Champions and win, then face him again at Hell in a Cell and move on to new opponents like CM Punk, someone who definitely deserves another run as champion. What better way to make the S.E.S look dominant than to have him claim the World Heavyweight Championship from Kane, the monster that has held the title for months conquering even the almighty Undertaker. This will allow viewers to remain interested in storylines and feuds regarding the World titles instead of the usual “Cena lost it and now he is going to get it back next PPV”. Prestige is essential to Championships, and the main source of this much needed prestige is lengthy reigns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Thanks for reading my first article and all comments are welcome!