Yankees make the right choice, so far

Jess K. ColemanContributor IJuly 29, 2010

I wrote yesterday that the Yankees should hold onto Jesus Montero because the Yankees are better off conserving their future than stegnthening their offense beyond a needed level. Today, I found out that the Yankees were thinking right along with me.

In a possible deal for Adam Dunn, the Nationals were asking for Jesus Montero among other prospects. The Yankees decided — rightfully so — that they didn’t want to give up valuable prospects to further fill an area where the Yankees already lead the league. Good job Yankees.

But I am still concerned.

The Yankees may have been content when it came to offense, but when it comes to pitching, the Yankees will be much more aggressive — just think Joba Chamberlain for Dan Haren.

Although the Yankees could use some starting pitching and maybe a relief pitcher, I still feel that it is not worth throwing away prospects. The Yankees made enough moves in the offseason, and, at some point, you have to say, “we made our moves, now let’s play our hand.”