Yankees should hold onto Montero

Jess K. ColemanContributor IJuly 28, 2010

Almost every trade rumor you have heard that involved the Yankees has involved Jesus Montero. The Rangers wanted him for Cliff Lee, the Diamondbacks wanted him for Dan Haren, the Nationals now want him for Adam Dunn and now the Blue Jays want him for Scott Downs.

As convincing as it may be to quickly trade away Montero to polish up the offense or stegnthen the starting rotation, the Yankees would be much better off holding onto Montero.

Yankee fans want to see a prospect shine in the Majors. No Yankee fan was happy watching Austin Jackson tear it up in Detroit earlier this season, no matter how well Curtis Granderson was hitting.

Trading Montero for an offensive piece would be outright ridiculous. The Yankees are one of the top scoring teams in baseball. Yes, you can always use some help, but giving up the future is not worth it.

Trading Montero for a relief pitcher would make the most sense. If there is one spot to fill, it would be the bridge to Mariano Rivera. But again, the future is something very important: not only to the teams success, but to the fans too.

As much as Yankee fans love watching new players come along and contribute, giving up the entire farm system will eventually take it’s toll. The great teams of the 90′s were built around prospects: Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, etc. You can buy success to a point, but you can’t buy the interest of the fans.

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