WWE Summer Madness: Elite 8

Ryne AlexanderContributor IIIJuly 29, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to WWE Summer Madness. At the beginning of this tournament, there were 64 WWE superstars in the bracket. That number has dwindled down to the Elite 8.

Last round, we saw our first No. 1 seed exit the tournament, as Kofi Kingston was picked by the Bleacher Report readers to go over John Cena.

Could we see any more surprises in this round? The only way to tell is for you, the reader, to vote on these matches and see who makes it to the Final 4, which will be posted tomorrow. Here are the matchups:


North Bracket

1) The Undertaker, Smackdown


3) Big Show, Smackdown


South Bracket

4) Kofi Kingston, Raw/IC Champion


2) Edge, Raw


East Bracket

1) HHH, Raw


2) CM Punk, Smackdown


West Bracket

1) Randy Orton, Raw


2) Chris Jericho


Please vote in the order of the matchups that I have listed to make counting easier. Otherwise, have fun and get to voting on these matchups!