Report: USC Trojans Release LB Glen Stanley Out Of Letter Of Intent

Shawn DhaniCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

According to Pedro Moura of ESPN Los Angeles, the USC Trojans have released linebacker Glen Stanley out of letter of intent.

Last month, Stanley tried to get released but the Trojans declined while Lane Kiffin told reporters that he wanted the linebacker coming into the camp by fall.

Stanley then got an attorney and tried again. This time, it went through.

A spokesman for the USC Trojans said that the report was true and made a statement to the press.

"We're thankful for USC's decision in that regard," Stanley's attorney, Florida-based Shannon Ligon, said in a phone interview Wednesday. "Mr. Stanley's looking forward to moving forward not only with his athletic career but with his academic one."

Wonder where he will go now.


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