Manchester United: September 19th "Old Shirt Day" at Old Trafford

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

For the game against Liverpool on Septemeber 19th 2010, we are asking fans to take part in "OLD SHIRT DAY."

All that is needed is that you turn up at Old Trafford wearing shirts made before the Glazers took control of United.

This is to celebrate the history of the shirts worn by players and fans alike over the years, and also to act as part of a peaceful protest against the Glazers.

For this day, we ask you NOT to wear any AIG or the New Aon shirts. Let's make it a fun day as well, where some of those old relics (including fans) can be on show for all to see, most people have a favourite shirt from the past, so now is that time to wear it one more time.

We hope you will take part, and if you like the idea to pass this on to your friends who may also like to join in.

Many Thanks