What Lebron Should Have Done

Keegan FergusonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010
A few words on what Lebron should do:

Tonight Lebron James makes the decision that will frame the rest of his career and legacy on “The Decision.”  I won’t get into just how egomaniacal filming this show is, but I will get into what I think he should do and what each option would mean for his career.

:  The apparent front runner according to Chris Broussard and his “sources” (who these sources are always bamboozles me), has the obvious of allure of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh (a taller version of “The Predator”).  also has no state income tax, beautiful beaches, and in my opinion, no chance of winning a title.  has four guys under contract (assuming Bosh signs and not including Lebron).  If they sign Lebron for the max, they will have three guys making over $48 million dollars and have virtually no room to maneuver to fill their roster.  While they were the number 2, 4, and 9, scorers in the league last year averaging more than 80 points combined, you can’t expect them to put up those same numbers playing together.  They will struggle to have any semblance of a bench or have reliable role players and bow out early in the playoffs to more balanced and deep teams (think , Orlando, or Chicago).  Also, they have no big men.  Sure Bosh is huge, but if we learned anything from this year’s playoffs, we learned the importance of having serviceable big men who can rebound and defend.  Bosh is not that guy.  As a side note, Lebron going here is a cop out and seemingly proves that he does not have the competitive fire of guys like or who would cringe at playing second fiddle to Wade.  I hope he does not go there.

:  This choice is my favorite for a couple of reasons.  They would immediately become the best team in the league with an all-star caliber point guard, strong defensive rebounder and elbow grease guy, and a legitimate interior scorer.  He can play in without mortgaging it’s entire future they way would.  He would be the alpha-dog in the city which watched the ultimate alpha-dog win six titles.  Forget playing in ’s shadow, if he goes on to win multiple championships he could step into ’s shoes.  never shyed away from playing in the shadow of Magic.

:  Secretly, I hope he stays in .  The city has lavished praise on this guy since he was 14.  Once Lebron was asked if he would ever run for mayor of , he responded coolly saying “I’ve been mayor of since I was 14.”  It’s true, he has.  He just built a giant house in and his entire entourage is from there.  Furthermore, he’ll have to bear the burden of literally crushing the hearts of the entire state of .  People will divorce and blame Lebron, crimes will be committed in the hysteria that ensues his departure, people will see therapists, I will see a therapist.  Staying in is bad from a winning perspective but great from a loyalty standpoint.  Public opinion of Lebron will soar, and it is possible that in a few years they could build a nucleus capable of winning.

: The Knicks have global superstardom to offer him and Amare.  But they have a coach who can’t spell defense, and sidekick who is not a strong defender and hasn’t proven himself without a basketball wizard as a point guard.  Global recognition and marketability? Sure. But I don’t think he is capable of resurrecting basketball in the of the sport within the next two seasons.