WWE Is PG: Get Over It!

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 29, 2010

Before I begin, I understand the title and picture are complete opposites, but please read the article and you'll hopefully find the pictures relevancy.

For a while now, WWE has been a family friendly company and have marketed a new PG product.  And this angers people why?

Well, the lack of blood, bad language and adult scenes, is probably why most people are angering about the move to PG, but as I write this article I hope I show you why that makes those very people selfish!

Have you ever asked yourself if the wrestlers enjoyed being in these adult scenes?  No, I bet you haven't and if you have then I guarantee you that 90% of the people in these adult scenes didn't enjoy them, but did them to earn a living. 

Wrestlers are there to wrestle, no get half naked on national TV.  It's like going to work as a doctor and your boss telling you to get half naked and then video taping it for the world.  Would you like to do that?  No, so why do you demand the talent from WWE to do it?

Moving on to my second point, have you ever thought of the benefits of going PG?  Like not seeing Mr McMahon's ass ever again!  I highly doubt anyone (even Linda McMahon) found the 60-year old Chairman's ass even slightly amusing.

But, even I miss the odd use of foul language and as much as it pains society to say it, bad language is one way to get people "over" in promos.  I do understand that when a wrestler would question another's sexuality they became instant hits with the crowd, but count back 40 years (even 30 years) and you'll see that there is more to pro-wrestling than swear words.

As for the lack of blood, I would never be upset over that because if no blood means prolonging a wrestlers sanity and life span then I would give it up in a heartbeat. 

So, if any of you would still like to pick a fight with me over whether they are or aren't selfish then feel free, but I'd like to pose one question to them.  Do you honestly believe the wrestlers prefer the crude nature of the late 90s over the family friendly PG product?

I will never deny the good times of the Attitude Era.  Like the DX Press Conference or the many Stone Cold and Rock promos.  But WWE has moved on and if you hate PG-WWE so much, you have to move on too.