Rutgers Scarlet Knights Looking To Wrap up Another Sunshine State Star

John MatheosContributor IIJuly 29, 2010

One of the hottest stars coming out of high school this year is coming close to sealing the deal with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Tony Steward, a junior coming straight out of Pedro Menendez High School, has been sending shock waves throughout the colleges in the United States.

This outside linebacker has it all. He's quick on his feet and loves to hit. He had 123 tackles, five sacks, and two interceptions in his junior year. Many scouts place only one negative aspect to his game-play: And tfhat's the fact that Tony is too aggressive. In high school, while playing for Pedro Menendez, you saw him getting burnt a few times on play action.

That's okay though—this part of his game can be fixed. Other than that, Tony is a beast. His upper body strength is one to scare many offensive lines. He can explode right through players on will. He can make running backs shiver in their shoes.

If Tony Steward commits to Rutgers, the years ahead for this college football team will look mighty bright. He will make a difference instantly, he's that type of player. So, as the time ticks away, we will wait to hear what this 6'2" 225 lb outside linebacker chooses.