The Travis Cleveland Show: Starting at Lincoln College

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

Yes, it really is a show coming to Lincoln College and it's starring 6'4 " 215 pound small forward from Aurora, Illinois, Travis Cleveland.

If you take a seat and watch Cleveland, you'll start thinking of pro NBA players such as Donte Greene or even Carmelo Anthony, because that's exactly the playing style he has. Using his height and slim weight to be a slasher but also a scorer who can do wonders with the ball no matter where he gets the ball.

While you may sit here and say "Carmelo Anthony? If his game is like Carmelo's then why haven't I heard more of him?" Well, quick answer is you will. Patience is a virtue and Cleveland has plenty of those, sighting the doubters as one of his main drives. The people who said he couldn't become anything, will be his biggest fans once he makes it big.

We all have dreams growing up. We all want to accomplish those dreams but only some of us, like Cleveland, will do everything it takes to accomplish those dreams. It won't just make himself happy but it will bring a smile to his father's face knowing that one of his children stuck to their dream and pushed themselves to achieve it.

That's his plan. What's yours?

It should be to keep following this story of Cleveland, not just as an outstanding basketball player, but a laid back family man who goes to church on Sundays to keep his faith strong. The faith that will drive him to be a great basketball player and a great man off the court. When you become a fan, don't be nervous to meet him as he loves meeting random people. 

Travis Cleveland: Man on a mission driven by the all the right things. Oh and the show? Well it's only beginning at Lincoln College as Travis hopes that his game at Lincoln will lead him to bigger and better things. Ticket prices vary on the school but while your there, enjoy the show.