The First Post

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The First Post
Hello Friends, Family and Foes,
I am attempting to create a blog because I think other people who have cool blogs are...well... cool. That's a good enough reason right? My hope is to entertain my friends and family and to provide them with some tid bits about the sports and the fashion world that they might not otherwise know... and if you don't really like me and are reading this blog, well hey, sit back drink a class of haterade and read about the world, through my eyes.

I am hesitant to start this blog because one of two things could happen. I could write on this damn thing all day long and not do any of my homework which I have sworn to myself that I will actually do as I enter my senior year of college at the University of North Carolina. I have this little problem, and I have had it ever since I got to UNC and got my hands on the Journalism and Mass Communication listserv. Every single email that comes across the mailing list offering jobs, internships or job opportunities, my mouth immediately salivates and I get super excited! Weird, I know right? I LOVE love LOVE doing and I hate hate hate sitting around and doing nothing, which is what I kind of think about studying. Soooo as I enter my senior year, I find myself with a job that pays a pretty decent stack of a cash each month sending out college sports alerts for any team under the sun (of course I am going to plug my company here ... if you are interested in receiving breaking sports news about your school of choice text "college " to 50501 and you will be given a website to choose your school of choice and will recieve at least 15 alerts a month for the low ... ;) very low .... price of 2.99 per month!) and I also am working for probably the coolest boss in the Triangle. I work for Curtis Media Group and for Sportsdrive which is a radio show on 620 am from 9am-noon monday through friday .. you can also listen on line at I cover UNC, DUKE, and State basketball and football.

How lucky am I?? Personally, I think I am the luckiest girl in this world. I love my boss , Taylor Zarzour, because he gave me something that most people won't give a gal with no experience...a chance! This guy has taught me about the business, and has taught me about tough love. He also is a great guy who adores his wife and children which is a quality that I adore. In this internship I have met so many outstanding people and I will never ever forget all that this internship working under Taylor has done for my character, my career and my life. Anyway, the point of that rant is that I am scared that I am going to spend too much time looking for internships, playing on facebook, and updating this silly blog to study ....

The other possibility is that I will get stressed out by this blog as I did in high school when I tried multiply time to write in a diary. I love my grandmother, and although sometimes I act like I know everything that she tells me, I kinda freak out every time that she tells me that every good writer writes in a diary or a journal. I believe her. I have tried multiply times to journal Grammy, I really have! I just get stressed when I don't have time to write in them and throw them away and promise to start one and stick with it probably every new years resolution since 9th grade. Maybe this blog will be stress free?

Okay soooo ... here is what I am thinking. Let me know your thoughts on his .... my idea for this blog is to show people that girly girls are out there in the sporting industry. There really are girls out there who absolutely adore sports but refuse to give up their Steve Madden pumps or Rock n Republic jeans and trade them in for baggy tee's and visors. There really are girl out there who consider a mich ultra their drink of choice and don't care if a guy pulls out her chair for her as their is a chair for her sitting in front of the television watching the game. I think it is safe to say that I am a Carolina fan, actually I am a little Carolina obsessed. I don't just love their sports, I love "The Carolina Way". I love Franklin Street, the old well, Woody Durham, Dean Smith, and I even love the annoying people who walk up and down my street at 3 am screaming bloody drunk after UNC wins a game.

With that being said, I will try to limit my Carolina bias. I will try to talk about stories that I find interesting and by golly if I also think that the shoes the reporter was wearing while interviewing Kyle Parker after a game, I will blog on that too and you guys will love it. You hear me? Haha

So here goes ...I am going to do toady's thoughts in a top ten list of things that have made me smile this week. Yes they have to do with sports and fashion.

#10- My boss shared this on Sportsdrive and I just have to repeat it .... Do you guys know how Dabo Swinney got his name? His real name is William Christopher. When he was little and he used to get in trouble with his little brother, his mom would ask which one of them was the one who broke the dish, spilled the plant or ate the cookies, his brother would point to Swinney and say..."Da boyyyy did it ... da booo". Say it to yourself and add a lil Alabama twang to your voice and I think you can see how the name Dabo came to be. Gotta love people from Alabama! Right Tz?

#9- Family beach week is freaking awesome people! I encourage every person in the United States of America to find a beach and find your family and commit to going to the beach for a week together. I tell you what folks, I cannot remember feeling as happy as I felt last week at the beach with my family. I have a wonderful family who each is wonderful in their own way. My grandparents who have made sure our family has had the beach week are completely different in every single way and its hilarious. My grandfather is cute and cuddly and gets his feelings hurt easily. My grandmother is a total spit fire. She says what she thinks even if we don't really agree with her half the time. She is a strong woman who raised three great kids! My mommma is one of them... and Uncle Dave and Aunt Diana (yes, who I was named after) Uncle Dave is a technical guru who married a total baller UNC Alumni who runs companies and kicks total ass in the business world. Aunt Diana is married to Joe and they are tennis playing , working out typa ppl. Joe and Aunt Di are both as nice as they can be and I always love seeing what they are up to. I don't even need to go into my mom and dad.. lord, I will start to tear up. My dad is my hero and I love him with all my heart. He is strong both inside and out, and he is hilarious. He loves his family and he loves the Lord. My mom is the most unselfish person I have ever met in my life and she is also the most hard working woman that I have ever met. She is amazing and she is beautiful on the inside and out and I strive to be like her everyday.

Then comes the Grandkids ...there's me! I can't talk about myself, so I will skip the sappy stuff. I am the oldest...then there is Brandon . Brandon is amazing! He is in the ROTC at Dickinson and went to jump school for the US Army last week. He is a lean mean jumping outta planes machine and we are all so proud of him!!

Then there is my little broski, and he has always kinda danced to the beat of his own drum. The whole family cracks up because my brother is hilarious. He says what he thinks and even tho half the time I want to freaking smack him in the mouth, I don't because 1) ya gotta love him and 2) he can beat me up now :( bummer!!!!! No but seriously, my brother is super smart. He is going to med school FO sho beacuse he is kicking booty in undergrad at NCSU. I hope he gets into plastics so that if I want some new boobies or a flat tum tum after I have my kiddies I can get a sweet discount. Hey! a girl can dream.

Then there is Nicole. I love this girl. She is hilarious! She has a dry sense of humor and has red hair. My great grandfather who we all freaking adored used to call her "red". I don't know why but that makes me giggle every time I hear it. I can't laugh for too long tho because he used to call me Mudd after a sweater that I used to wear that has those letter on it. Anyway, Nicole is about to go to JMU and is going to be the BEST teacher one day. Just love her.

Then there are the "mini's" These are the youngest cousins that are the same age. They are both sophomores in high school and are total ballers. Emily is a fantastic field hockey player and don't you dare give her attitude because she will give you a piece of her mind. She also loves to cater to people .. aka cleaning up and making people lunch... good gosh someone clone this lady, men will love her! Olivia is kind of like Blake Lively in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie..think total soccer stud but a total heart breaker. She is gorgeous and she is very sweet. She wouldn't want to hurt a soul unless its on the playing field because she is just nasty at both lax and soccer.

Okay , sorry to rant and rave but I love my family. You know why I love them so dang much? Because I know them so well! All of these people except for my immediate family and me live in Baltimore yet we still stay close because of family beach week.... this makes me smile.

#8 N C State players charged with all of the weed charges get all charges dismissed because the cop didn't have proper search and seizure practices. This makes me smile because I hate the police. I just do. I can't help it .. most of them are power hungry. Stop worrying about college kids smoking dope and start worrying about people in your inner cities who are raping and killing people... ya know?

#7 Chris Coghlan was injured after delivering a pie in the face to teammate Wes Helms following the pinch hitter's bases-loaded single in the 11th inning. Okay... seriously MLB players , you are starting to embarrass yourselves!

#6 It makes me smile that people are outraged over Strasburg getting scratched last night. People should be outraged! Its like paying to go on a date with Carrie Underwood and getting stuck with Susan Boyle (Miguel Batista).

#5 Man ... I am smiling because Ocho Cinco and TO are going to play together. Talk about some chaos people! TO has agreed on a deal with the Bengals and is expected to report to training camp. As Ocho Cinco would say ... Kissssss da Baby ... muah muah muah CHILD please.

#4- I smile when I see Josh Tomlin beating the Yankees in his MLB debut. Shout out to my boy Wade Sims who went to the same college as Tomlin. Shout out also to Alex White who is going to be in the bigs striking Yankees and Red Sox out sooner rather than later. If you haven't heard about White and you like college and MLB .. where ya been? My boy is legit!

#3- I smiled when Garza pitched a no hitter for the Rays because I work for the Tampa Ray Organization. Come on now ... gotta be amped ... getting the first no hitter in the history of the Rays. The last time there were five no-hitters in one year was in 1991 when Nolan Ryan threw one of seven in the majors.

#2- I gotta smile because this week was the ACC football kickoff ... I am not sure about how things are going to go in the ACC this year but I am keeping my fingers crossed for big big biggggg things! Kyle Parker, please stay with Clemson! You are my boy and I like you as a person off the field but I will have to report you to the "too cool for school" list if you leave after you have already announced you are staying. Something in my head tells me that he might think about leaving if the Rockies realize they don't want their number 1 draft pick playing college football and offer him a PHAT/FAT check to play for them. UNC ... how sweet would it be if Yates just said SCREW YOU to all the people out there who don't think he is going to do much this season and LIGHTS up the field. I am pulling for you TEEJ Come on Heeeeeels , after all that has happened with this agent bull dookie ... lets prove to everyone that we will be just fine. We, I mean you .. I mean we.. I mean..ughhhhh its so hard to stay neutral.

#1 - The number one thing that made me smile this week is the thought of my four meetings with people in Lubbock , Tx when I go down there in the next couple of weeks. I am moving there ...unless Hell freezes over and pig fly .... I have meetings out the gazooooooo to talk about my opportunities as a sports anchor/ sideline reporter when I graduate in May. Fingers crossed family and friends, I am going to need all the luck I can get when it comes to these meetings/interviews. I don't believe that it is EVER to early to plan people!!!!

Okay , that's it for now! I will blog soon ... I will leave you with my final thought for the day.

If you are a company that is offering an internship, please offer at least minimum wage. It is one thing if you are a local company looking for local interns, but if you are an NYC Chicago LA or Atlanta based internship and aren't offering any kind of stipend or money to your interns...please slap yourself. Talk about degrading! We are in a recession people but we aren't back to the days of bartering. If you want quality interns, offer up some cash money.

Thanks and as always .... if she is on the sidelines in fantastic shoes its probably me!

-Sports and Stilettos

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