How Miz's Briefcase Can Lead to the WrestleMania Main Event Storyline

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2010

My friend xxValentinoxx couldn't publish this so I am publishing this for him. I DID NOT WRITE THIS! ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO HIM!

As you know at World Wrestling Entertainments most recent pay-per-view the Miz climbed the ladder and received the briefcase that all mid level talent dream of. The following night on raw Miz attempted to cash in his briefcase on an unconscious pale warrior.

Without succession I might add. The same night john Morrison joined cena’s Summer Slam team against the nexus.

Now when I saw all this transpire I though to myself that the WWE has a golden opportunity here to create what many of us would call magic at WrestleMania 27. Imagine at Wrestlemania 27 we have one of the most personal feuds in recent wrestling history.

The key assets to this feud are John Morrison and the Miz.
These two future world champions could go one on one at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania for the WWE championship. Now you may be askin yourself how can two upper midcard wrestlers be in the WWE title match. Not only in the WWE title match but in the same WWE title match with no Cena, Orton, Taker, Edge or Triple H included.

The Storyline: John Cena or Triple H become the leader of nexus at Summerslam. I would prefer Cena but Triple H is more likely. With Cena no longer leading the charge J-Mo steps up.

Maybe not necessarily step up but takes a bigger role then he has been taking. His character becomes more fierce and it gets more of a drive behind it. He defeats the likes of Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

He goes on a role you could say somewhat like the role he was on when he was on the blue brand last year.

This role leads to him being the sole survivor on team HHH/Cena at survivor series against nexus. This then leads to a match with the leader of Nexus at the following Pay-Per-View.

That then leads to a good showing for J-Mo at the Royal Rumble where he eliminates the Miz and Triple H. At the Elimination Chamber John Morrison fights through Shamus, The leader of Nexus, Evan Bourne, Triple H, and Randy Orton to win his first world championship.

Then Right as he finishes Celebrating the Miz comes out and cashes in his briefcase and ruins this historic moment for john Morrison, Miz wins his first world championship.

This leads the two into a One on One classic at Wrestlemania 27.

What do you think of this storyline, B/R?