Smackdown Vs Raw Which Is The Better Brand?

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

Whats up dudes.

I am going to see which show is better and settle the disbute that has been going on ever since the brand extension.

1. Tag Team's

Ahh now RAW has deinitly won this one.

Yes i know RAW do have the Santino and Kozlov partnership but like if it was an 8 man tag and it was RAW's Usos and Hart Dynasty vs Smackdowns Dudbuster and Hawkins & Archers. Raw would definitley win no doubt.

Enough Said.

RAW 1 - 0 Smackdown

2. Commentary Team

Striker and Jerry Lawler are the best out of the four. Micheal Cole is a joke and sadly poor Todd Grisham is starting to remind me of Cole every Friday and that is not good.

No one will ever replace WWE Legend JR but Strike is the closest thing to a good commentator we have or will probably ever have.

So for that reason and also because I hate Cole I am going to give this point to the blue brand.

RAW 1 - 1 Smackdown

3. General Manager

If Bret was still GM on RAW they would get this point.

At this stage im sick of all the "Mystery" surrounding the RAW GM.

So far that reason and also because I just love the combination of Vickie and Teddy over on Smackdown, Smackdown get another point.

RAW 1 - 2 Smackdown

4. Whos Got the Better World Champion?

RAW have the intimadating Sheamus whilst Smackdown have the even more intiadating big red monster KANE.

When i was growing up watching WWE he was my favourite star and to be honest he probably always will be as long as he is in action.

Sheamus is also very good and is another one of my favourite but to be honest Kane is just simpaly better than Sheamus and also has Sheamus ever beaten anyone cleanly for the title?

Nope I dont think he has so yes Kane and Smackdown gain a point.

RAW 1 - 3 Smackdown

5. Whos is the better secondary Champion?

Miz or Kofi? Very tough one.

People say hes over-ratted others say hes awesome im on the half that consider Miz as awesome because he really is if ya think long and hard about it.

Miz has great accomplishments to his name at such a young age which is good.

He has won the money in the bank ladder match and is a 2-time Unified Tag Team Champion and to top that off has won to slammies and to doubley top that off he is a 2 time US Champion who faced John Cena at last years Summerslam.

Kofi on the other hand has is a 2 time IC champion and is now the US Champ and has held the Tag Title with CM Punk. Kofi also has a good feud with Orton last year and should probably be a main eventer due to the feud but yet again WWE screwed up.

Im giving this one to the Miz based on Mic Skills and accomplishments.

RAW 2 - 3 Smackdown

6. Divas

Beth Phoneix is the best current WWE Diva she on Smackdown or RAW so they get the point.

I miss Mickie James.

RAW 2 - Smackdown 4

7. Pomo's and Segments.

Hmmm RAW have Miz, Santino, Jericho, Orton, Cena, Edge and Sheamus who provide us with entertaining promo's & segments while on Smackdown Big Show, Kane, Lay-Cool, Vickie, Swagger and Drew.

Kane's are dark and twisted.

Drew is the suck-up annoying cry baby.

Lay-Cool are the sexy popular girls.

Big Show is the fat loveable guy.

Every one just feels sorry for Vickie. Some guys like Edge and Dolph take advantage of her. Eww.

Swagger is the impressive annoying braging bully.

Miz is the in your face type of guy who ya just want to punch which is really a good character

Santinoe is pretty much the class clown who every one hates because he just ruins the class or in this case the show!

Jericho is the ultimate has been who will never ever let us forget what hes done.

Edge trys to control us and never lets us forget what hes capable of.

Orton is the quite man who can and will strike at any giving moment. No one messes with him.

Cena is the goody good who always seem to have good luck and plays by the rules. Ohh what a sickining guy.

Compare the character and its obvious. RAW gets the point.

RAW 3 - 4 Smackdown

8. Biggest OMG Moment (In The Last Year)

The moment I picked for RAW was Nexus ripping apart the arena and beating up every one in the process.

The moment I picked for Smackdown was Shad giving JTG the cold stare and then just beaten him like he was nothing the crowd reaction was brilliant and JTG sold it so well and it was genuinely un-predictable.

I didnt have a lot to pick from Smackdown but not a lot could compare to seeing Wade Barrett and his army run down the ramp and just as i said rip apart the arena.

RAW 4 - 4 Smackdown

9. Best Match (In the Last Year)

From Smackdown i just had to pick Christian vs Kofi

It was probably the best match in Smackdown history. Two very under-ratted wrestlers met for the first time and it was just a matter of who could do the most amazing high-risk manuver much to my bitter disappointment Christian lost but ah well Kofi was still excellent and both men deserved the win.

From RAW I picked Alica Fox vs Eve Torres Classic Match..... Hahahahaha ya right just kidding.

From RAW i picked HHH vs Orton it was the RAW before Wrestlemania and SCSA was guest host. This was an excellent match and it just reminded me of all the history between these guys and aww it was just an epic match.

This one is too hard to call but I dont know kofi and Christians match had something fresh and athletic about it and i am not saying RAW's did not its just it was Chris and Kofi's first ever encounter and it was just one to remember basically.

Raw 4 - 5 Smackdown

10. Who has the better mid-carders?

RAW has got JoMo, DiBiase, Bourne, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry, Khali, R-Truth, Regal and the injured Ezikel Jackson.

Smackdown has got Christian, Cody, Dolph, MVP, Drew, Matt, Shad, Chavo, JTG, Masters, Gallows, Mercury, Semi Retired Finlay and the newcomer Alberto Del Rio.

Khali and Henry can barely wrestle.

Truth and Zek are injured.

It always seem to be DiBiase vs JoMo.

Zack never gets a match.

And well Regal the veteran as Cole would say is in the middle of the most stupidest feud I have ever seen in WWE history like come on an English man and a Candian-Italian are fighting over a Russian freak is sounds like a soap opera.

Miz is the Champion but yet he never defends it!

So for them reasons Smackdown gets a point. RAW's mid-card is stale and predictable.

Smackdown Cause a shock and show Great athletisim in Christian, Kofi and some times Matt haha and we see a brilliant technical wrestler just bursting out of Dolph Ziggler.

RAW 4 - 6 Smckdown

11. Main Eventers who got the better one's?

Smackdowns current main eventers are Taker, Kane, Rey, Swagger, CM Punk, and The Big Show.

While on Raw Edge, Orton, Cena, Jericho, Sheamus, HHH and even Nexus are main eventing for the Red Brand.

With Punk and Taker not in action and the Kane/Rey/Swagger angle getting a touch borin smackdowns main event has gone all but stale.

On RAW the nexus angle seems to take a twist every week!

Come on like who really expected Bret to be the 7th man in Cenas "Army". Who tought Tarver would run down the ramp like a physo with a huge pair of scissors or something to open the cage it is really brilliant.

RAW wins this one for sure.

RAW 5 - 6 Smackdown

I did not favour any brand and try to put it straight down the middle.

Smackdown is the better brand and I proved it with my article.

If you have any input please comment this is a hot topic.


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