Re-Building The Divas Division

Rodney ClintContributor IJuly 28, 2010

The women's division in the WWE used to be stellar. You had women in hardcore matches and they were even main eventing Raw. Now, the girls get two minute matches and are stuck in pillow fights not getting the opportunities that the girls in the past did. It makes the division and women's wrestling seem like a joke, even though some of these girls have been wrestling for years and have a passion and love for the business. These are just a few ideas on how to the division and start the path to rebuilding it all together.

Create Characters

The main reason why the women's division used to work is that you had different characters with distinct personalites. This is why people got behind Trish Stratus, Lita and Mickie James. They were given proper storylines, mic time and feuds and were allowed to wrestle longer than 2 or 3 minutes each week. How many times have we heard Eve speak? What about current Divas Champion Alicia Fox? How many actual storylines or feuds have they been involved in? These girls are the future of the division and yet no one cares about them. That's because you can't send a random wrestler to the ring and expect people to care. You have to give us a reason to get behind them in one way or the other.

Let Natalya and Serena wrestle

The Hart Dynasty is the only legitimate tag team being used right now and they are current trying to make a name for themselves. The only problem with that is that Natalya has been pushed to the background, simply becoming a tropy shelf carrying around her team's gold. This woman can wrestle better than a lot of the guys on the roster and she is a third generation superstar. Why doesn't that mean anything? Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. were pushed and aligned with Randy Orton but Natalya has been cast in the role of a valet, hardly seeing any ringtime. She is talented and could do amazing things with Melina, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix and carry the less talented girls as well. She is strong but still has the look the WWE likes, so why not take advantage of that? Serena is a similiar story. She's not being allowed to wrestle because of her character. But the girl can go and she is strong yet she is on the sidelines while Kelly Kelly gets a title shot on a PPV. Serena's look and hard hitting style would be a welcome change to the division, just check out her FCW stuff.

Layla vs Michelle McCool

It's not hard to see that team LayCool is the best thing Smackdown's division has going for it. They get to cut promos, get mic time, are allowed to wrestle and actually have characters. However, with the top two faces currently on the injured list they are left to feud with Kelly and Tiffany. Kelly has improved but is nowhere near ready for a Women's title shot and Tiffany is too new for them to really use right now. Now Layla has improved tremendously and McCool is one of the better female workers on the roster so having them feud could help Smackdown's division. Layla has the look and style of an underdog and McCool has a strong style that would suit a heel and the two of them together in the ring could be gold.

Differentiate the Bella Twins

The Bella Twins are the best "eye candy" wrestlers on the roster. If you don't believe me check out some of their Superstars stuff on YouTube. But they won't get pushed or given any gold simply because there are two of them and there are no women's tag titles. So send one over to Smackdown and have her feud with LayCool and keep the other on Raw. If you must, bring them together on Superstars for the occasional tag match.

Bring in AJ Lee from FCW

AJ Lee is the most talented girl in FCW simply because she was in the indies before the E got her. She is agile and has a style similar to Gail Kim's but could go farther with it because she is younger. Her small size and underdog look would easily get her over with the crowd and since she can work she could have good matches with the WWE's heavy hitters. It would be easy for LayCool to mock her because she is so small but her ability could shut them up and then she could chase the gold. BOOM! New character!

Do more with Maryse as a valet

Maryse isn't the best wrestler but she more than makes up for it with her personality. She has the only distinctive character on Raw as far as the ladies are concerned and I'm glad the WWE put her in a valet role. However, the quick set up with her and DiBiase didn't do much for the duo. They needed a storyline to link them together, something like the Edge and Lita pairing. There's a reason that worked and it's because there was a story to support them getting together. Since the WWE has already put Maryse with Ted, now they need a good feud to help elevate them to the next level. Put some gold on Ted and let him and Maryse talk more.

Push Gail Kim and Jillian

Gail Kim is one of the most talented women in wrestling. She has proven this in both TNA and the WWE. The WWE is holding her back and not pushing her for some reason and has given the top spots to the younger girls. Give this woman a feud and storyline and let her wrestle! Now Jillian has been with the WWE for a while and is one of their better female wrestlers. Her gimmick gets heat and people take notice when she enters the ring. Why not reward her with a feud and maybe some gold, she deserves it.

Not everyone has to wrestle

Some of the most popular Divas were valets. Women like Miss Elizabeth rose to fame without mixing it up in the ring. Women like Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were valets for the better part of their careers and were not made to wrestle on a regular basis simply because they weren't that great at it. Kelly is one of the current girls who could easily make it as a valet. She has proven she's valuable seeing as she gets the biggest and most consistent pops of any Diva right now. Take advantage of that popularity and use her to help elevate a new guy on Smackdown. If you absolutely need that hot blonde baby face, use Tiffany. She is a lot more solid and could easily get over with the crowd.