"Cody", Episode 5, "This Is How I Roll"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

Now that Cody has gotten himself accomadated on SmackDown, he seems to be getting a lot of attention...from all the Divas on SmackDown! He doesn't know how to handle it! Let's see how it's going...

Willis: You are so disgraceful....

Cody: What? Why would you say that?

Willis: Let's see, since you've been on SmackDown, Tiffany, Rosa, both the Bellas, Kelly Kelly, and Eve have came up to you and talked to you.

Cody: Ya, and....


Cody: You're right...*frowns*

Willis: You sadden me...*shakes head*

Cody: Now that Dustin got drafted to RAW, I have the locker room all to myself!

Willis: Yeah that's great, but where's Sir Assalot?

Cody: Uh-Oh.

Across the hall, right by the catering area...

Deal: Isn't it great? We're at SmackDown!

Jamal: Yeah, I can't wait to see the divas!

Deal: And the superstars!


Sir Assalot: Hee-Haw!

Jamal: Holy s**t! IS THAT A DONKEY?

Deal: (sarcastically) Noooo! Not at all! It's a freaking lemur.

Sir Assalot: Hee-Haw!

Jamal: What is a donkey doing here?

Deal: It's probably looking for it's mom or something.

Jamal: Where do you think she is?

Deal: I know. Right over there. *points to Vickie's office*

Jamal: *bursts out laughing*

Cody: *runs over* Hey, sorry. C'mon Sir Assalot!

Sir Assalot: Hee-Haw!

Jamal: Hey! Are you Cody Rhodes?

Cody: Ya. Are you guys the ones that won that contest?

Deal: That's us! Can we hang out with you?

Cody: Sure, I guess. My locker room is right over there.

Jamal: Cool!

So all four of them went over to Cody's locker room.

Jamal: Whoa! Are all those G.I Joes yours?

Cody: Yep.

Deal: Wow.

Cody: You guys wanna play with them?

Jamal: Hell Yes! I wanna be the 1st Commander Alpha!

Cody: Hey hey now. You can be a cadet first.

Deal: *shakes head and sighs* Wow.

Then, a knock at the door...

Kelly Kelly: Hello?

Deal: KELLY KELLY! *covers mouth*

Kelly Kelly: *smiles* Yeah, Is Cody around?

Deal: Um, Um, Yeah! He's um, over, over there. *points and shakes*

Kelly Kelly: Thanks. *smiles*

Deal: *continues shaking*

Across the room...

Kelly Kelly: Hey Cody!

Cody: KELLY! *hides G.I Joes behind back*

Jamal: *jaw drops*

Kelly Kelly: Are you busy?

Cody: Um no not at all!

Kelly Kelly: Great because I need your help!

Cody: What is it?

Kelly Kelly: If it's not too much trouble, I need your two friends as well. Can they help too?


Deal: Hehe, of course we will.

They go over to the Diva's locker room...

Rosa: ¿Los hombres tienen ayuda?

Kelly Kelly: Yes.

Tiffany: Great!

Kelly Kelly: Ok, see we are having a jump rope competition, & we keep having a tie! So, we need you guys to be judges!

Cody: Ok.

Kelly Kelly: *points to Cody & smiles* You can watch me.

Tiffany: And you can watch me! *points to Deal*

Rosa: ¡Y tu miras a mi! *points to Jamal*

After 15 minutes of glorious jump roping action, the boys have to make a decision.

Kelly Kelly: So who won?

Cody: I think you did.

Jamal & Deal: I think so too.

Kelly Kelly: Yay! *hugs Cody*

Cody: *smiles nervously*

Tiffany: Um, Kel, we should get ready for our match.

Kelly Kelly: You're right. See you around Cody.

Cody: Um, bye! Hehehe.

Jamal: Dude, Kelly is so into you!

Cody: No she's not. I don't got a chance...*frowns*


Cody: *sighs* I don't know...

30 minutes later, Cody's match is up-next and the 2 boys are giving him a pep talk.

Deal: What time is it?


Jamal: Let's go!

As Cody runs out the ramp, the two boys follow and Todd Grisham & Matt Striker commentate.

Striker: Who are those two young gentleman behind Cody Rhodes?

Grisham: I believe those are the winners of the "Hang Out On SmackDown!" sweepstakes. The one on the left is named Jamal Parker and the one on the right is named Iam D Real Deal Yo.

Striker: Wow, that is quite an interesting name, Todd.

Grisham: It sure is.

Striker: Let's get to the action!

After the match is over, we see a certain something going on...

Cody: *steps out of shower and puts on towel*

Kelly: Knock Knock.

Cody: *steps back* Oh Kelly, you scared me! Geez!

Kelly: Where are your friends at?

Cody: Hehe, Hornswoggle stole Deal's iPod and they ran after him.

Kelly: Oh. I was just wondering if you and your friends wanted to go out with me, Rosa, and Tiffany.

Cody: Ya, but they aren't of age to go into the clubs,

Kelly: Don't worry, I'll take care of that!

A couple hours later...

Deal: Why do I have to wear the fake mustache?

Kelly: Because Jamal is wearing the goatee! Do you want to get in or not?

Jamal: YES YES!

Kelly: *grabs Cody's hand & smiles* Let's go then!

While in the club, Tiffany is dancing with Deal and Jamal is dancing with Rosa. Kelly is trying to get Cody to dance with her...

Kelly: C'mon Cody! Please! *pulls arm*

Cody: No. I don't dance.

Kelly: Please!

When Cody finally agrees to dance with Kelly, the song "Grind with Me" by Pretty Ricky starts playing out the speakers of the club...and things start getting hot and steamy between the the two...

Kelly: Mmmm...I love this song...

Cody: (thinks) Willis! Where are you? I need help! I don't know what to do!

Willis: Dammit Cody! Just hold her by the waist and let her do the work! Gosh! You can't do anything right!

Cody: (thinks) Thanks Willis! *puts hands on waist*

Kelly: *giggles*

Their eyes meet.....Cody leans in.....Kelly leans in.....only to have Tiffany pull her away!


Kelly: What does it look like I was doing?

Tiffany: C'mon Kel, you could have any guy you want, and you want HIM?!

Kelly: He's nice, and sweet, and thoughtful, and he doesn't care if he has a six or eight pack. He's different, and I like him.

Tiffany: I thought you were going after Randy since your storyline with him flopped.

Kelly: I was, but I'm not on RAW anymore...

Tiffany: You know, there is something called SuperShows!

Kelly: Besides Tiff, Randy's married, and he's happy. I couldn't mess that up.

Tiffany: So, you're just gonna go with that nerd over there? Seriously, Kel, he still plays with G.I JOES!

Kelly: I'm tired of you picking on him!

Tiffany: This "relationship" is soooo inappropriate!


Kelly then walks over to Cody...and starts making out with him!

Tiffany: UGH! C'MON ROSA! *walks out*

Rosa: ¡

Èl es muy horrible! ¡Ugh! *follows Tiffany*

Across the club...

Deal: Why did they leave? I thought we were having a good time!

Jamal: Whoa! *points to Cody*

Deal: That lucky basterd...I hate him.

Jamal: *yells* YEAH BOY! GETCHA SOME!

Deal: Wait! Is that Kim Kardashian? .... IT IS!

Jamal: No way!

Deal: Let's go! *runs after*

Jamal: *follows*

While the boys go stalking...we see what Cody is doing...

Cody: Whoa! What was that for?

Kelly: I like you. I like you a lot. *runs fingers through hair & giggles*

Cody: Well, I like you too. *kisses Kelly*

After that night, Cody's confidence went through the roof! He began getting facials regularly and developed a cocky, vain, self-absorbed persona. He was always well-groomed and even threw out all his comics and G.I Joes. He stopped seeing his mom. He started buying moisturizers and started dressing sharper. He even got himself a fancy new custom-made jacket to wear to the ring. He was like a new person. He met with Jim Johnston to develop new ring music. He had adopted this new persona. THIS WAS A NEW CODY RHODES.

Thanks for watching another episode of "Cody"! Stay tuned for the new Cody Rhodes next week! Please comment and like!



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