Twins-White Sox: Livan Hernandez Silences the Home Fans

Dan WadeSenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2008

As I wrote earlier this week, Kevin Slowey's redemptive win over the Sox was one of the best games I've ever attended. Watching last night's game on FSN was fun; well-played games are always interesting and comeback wins even more so.

Each game had things that made it remarkable and better than the other, but in the end, both were really enjoyable games.

And then there was game three. I'm not sure I can fully relate the experience of watching a crowd of over 40,000 fans realize that the game was over before the second inning began. The closest I can come is being on hold for about three hours: You've stopped caring. You just want it to be over.

The crowd desperately wanted to cheer, you could tell by the roars that came when there was actually something to cheer for, but the "Indoor Rain Delay"—Livan Hernandez—kept the home fans silent.

At one point, Livan was taking nearly 40 seconds between pitches. That may not seem a lot, but consider this: A single at-bat that went to a full count would take nearly four minutes at that rate.

The Twins looked like Livan had stolen their energy. The bats weren't sharp, the fielding looked uninspired, and the Sox capitalized. In doing so, they guaranteed that they will leave Minnesota with the division lead intact.

Scott Baker takes the hill tomorrow night to try and keep the Twins as close as possible to overtaking the Sox. A spilt is a loss for the Twins, who desperately need to win their home games going forward. Hopefully, fans will once again come out in force, but this time, they will have the chance make their presence known.