College Football Preseason Rankings: The Hottest Fanbases in The SEC

Tim WoodSenior Writer IJuly 28, 2010

College Football Preseason Rankings: The Hottest Fanbases in The SEC

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    The SEC has been the epicenter of the best football in the country for the past decade. If the BCS title game doesn't have an SEC member in it, it's an abomination. The conference is just that good. The football is better than you'll see from some NFL teams and the tailgates are legendary. You've always heard that women are more gorgeous in the South and the SEC proves that statement to be 130 percent true. But who's the hottest of the SEC fanbases?

12. Vanderbilt

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    I'm excited for Vandy because they are so academically superior, but their football team's success on the field is spotty at best and their fans have not represented the fan base very well on the Interwebs.

    This is the best we have for you, Commodore Nation.

11. Kentucky

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    The Wildcats aren't very competitive on the field, but there's no doubt that there are plenty of cuties on campus. Again, they just haven't represented on the Web like the other schools. The only reason I put them No. 11 instead of No. 12 is because I've been to a few games.

More Wildcats

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    Although we must say, we were mighty impressed by the double-fisted swilling here.

We May Have Jumped The Gun ...

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    It's difficult to truly pin this to football.

    Is she a fan or is she a cheerleader?

    I just pulled a hamstring just thinking of trying to stretch like that.

10. Ole Miss

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    I feel heat coming on for this selection, but again, I just haven't seen the all-out representation from the Rebels crowd.

    They are beautiful people, there's no doubting that.

    The fervor is just not comparable on the Web.

Don't Forget To Kiss Your Mascot

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    That's one lucky Colonel, right there.

Greetings From The Grove

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    They get all gussied up before they put on the face paint and jerseys.

9. Mississippi State

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    I'm not going to lie. I was surprised I found myself putting the Bulldogs in the top 10.

    They don't have a ton of photos out there. But this beauty proves it's all about quality over quantity.

Go Bulldogs!

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    This program is on the rise after years in the cellar. The same can be said for the fan base. Friends on campus tell me that the beauty factor has risen exponentially over the last two years.

Bulley's Girls

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    Of all the spots you could have landed in the crowd, Bulley, you have an eye for where to take the perfect photo.

    Well played, my friend.

8. South Carolina

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    I live in the Palmetto State. I'm a regular at Williams-Brice and I have to tell you, the hotties are just not there like you think they'd be.

    The crowd is rather subdued and the game scene is incredibly boring.

They Wear The Nickname Proudly

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    Some might be offended, but once you are inside state lines, the four-letter word becomes a rally cry.

    Fans from around the country will tease them because they love their Gamecocks, but the southern USC just doesn't care.

Peanuts Anyone?

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    There's exceptions to every rule. There's plenty of gorgeous women in Columbia, including this beauty cracking open the roasted version of the signature snack of the South, boiled peanuts.

7. Auburn

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    If I had to rate the southern Tigers, I'd say Clemson, LSU, then Auburn. Then again, just as Gene Chizik has the football team on the upswing, the Tigers' fans are far from ugly. It's just very tough competition.

Oh, To Be The Mascot

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    The costume is sweaty, especially in 90-degree fall heat.

    The fans can be cruel and there's a good chance you're going to be doused with beer.

    But a photo like this makes me want to be a mascot right now.

Follow Me To The Tailgate

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    You have to hand it to the merchandisers these days.

    They find very creative places to highlight their logo.

6. Arkansas

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    The Pig Sooie crowd is far from homely.

    Bobby Petrino has the fan base re-energized.

    Beauties like this bring the energy level in the stadium up significantly.

The Blond Brigade

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    One of these things is not like the other, one of these things won't do...

A United Front

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    The hotness factor definitely heats up as you get closer to the field with the Razorbacks.

5. Tennessee

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    Who knew Jessica Alba was a Vols fan?

    The Tennessee crowd is especially known for their hospitality, unless you decide to take the USC head coaching job.

The Tannest Fan

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    Some fans like to show off their Tennessee pride right down to the bikini bottoms at the tailgate.

How Very Patriotic

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    We salute you right back, ma'am.

4. Alabama

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    In the land of Bear Bryant, the plaid hats are a necessary accessory for the true fan.

Roll Tide!

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    Hey, how did a picture of my ex-girlfriend get in here?

    Either that or "The Nanny" is a Tide fan.

Hit The Showers

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You Stay Classy

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3. Georgia

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    The symmetry in this photo is like an Ansel Adams photograph. Dawgs fans have more than UGA the Bulldog to get them into the game.

The Lucky Guy In The Middle

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    From Savannah to Atlanta, the Dawgs own the state.

    Sure, there's some Georgia Tech fans, but UGA is everything in the state.

    Even if you're just wearing logo overalls, the ladies will flock to you.

The Party Goes All Night

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2. LSU Tigers

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    It's the photo that became an Internet sensation and has catapulted the Tigers up many a hot fan base ranking. But I can tell you that these lovely ladies are very representative of the talent pool in the bayou.

A Whole Lot Of Jerseys

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    It's a close call between LSU and Florida, but from my point of view, the LSU crowd has the most female fans wearing the authentic replicas on game day.

    And they wear them well.

Hike, Hike ... Hike!

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The Few, The Proud, The Tigers

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1. Florida

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    Sorry, folks. I have hated Gators Nation since Spurrier but you can't fight physics. The Gators fans are simply stunning. If Greek nymphs went in exile, they probably went to Gainesville.

Sun, Sand, Hotties

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    Maybe Gators fans are just the most creative in tearing up the shirts.

    Whatever they're doing, it's working.

Endless Evidence

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... And On ...

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... And On ...

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... But All Good Things Must Come To An End

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