Why Cal's 2010 Recruiting Class Is Impressive

The Grumpy CelebrityContributor IJuly 28, 2010

In the 2010 recruiting war, Cal landed 10 players ranked within the Top 300 nationally in various publications. Their recruiting class has been ranked 11th by Rivals, 15th by ESPN and 29th by Scout. But what may be even more impressive about this class is the Bears inked these players knowing that they will play football in a construction zone in 2010, play home games in a baseball stadium across the bay in 2011 and live in temporary facilities for 21 months. Then they’ll have to deal with moving back into their new facilities and stadium in 2012. They won’t be walking into a beautiful, state of the art facility straight out of high school. They’ll have to spend their freshman year in temporary facilities and their sophomore year playing football at AT&T Park. The Cal football staff somehow wooed these talented young players across the country with the idea of new facilities and a stable, great athletic experience by the time they are juniors. They toured a decrepit football stadium, some of the worst athletic facilities and offices you’ve seen and saw pictures of what they will have in two and a half years. They’ll have to walk a little further to practice, play home games in San Francisco, wear hard hats and wake up in the equivalent of inflatable army barracks. These temporary facilities, called Surge, will be located up the road from Memorial Stadium. While this is better than their current facilities it is still quite the feat to sell to young impressionable men. If they bring this talent to the field and execute, the season will be even more impressive.