NBA Rumors: Bulls, Blazers Talking Taj Gibson for Rudy Fernandez Swap?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 28, 2010

Rudy Fernandez is still eager to remove his name-tag from the Blazers locker room, and teams such as Bulls, Celtics, and Knicks are eager to assist him.

Of the three teams, the Bulls have the best direct package that'll include parting ways with Taj Gibson and/or James Johnson for the career 39% three-point shooter.

Bulls are emerging as reluctant to commit to trading their best addition of 2009 in Taj Gibson, though, and it's likely to remain that way.

But the Blazers GM, who has assuring reviews from recently hired Blazers assistant and former Bulls assistant, Bob Ociepka, will continue to put emphasis on acquiring Gibson from Chicago.

Yet, interminably, Rudy Fernandez wants out and Portland understands that. Not getting Gibson, and continually stalling, they may have a growing issue that will continue to persist.

Either way, if the Chicago Bulls acquire Fernandez or not, they will have had an active offseason and done everything through correct procedure.

Blazer assistant Bob Ociepka on Bulls forward Taj Gibson (7/20/10):

"Out of nowhere, and I didn't expect it, Taj Gibson was outstanding. Probably the best rookie defender that I've seen coming into the league at that position. And he help anchor [on defense] and was really solid [for the Bulls]."