1968: A Great Year for Johnny Cash, Nixon, Elvis and Kansas Football

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 28, 2008

As far as years go, 1968 is just about as memorable as any. The Tet Offensive, Live at Folsom Prison, MLK's death, Nixon's election, My Lai, Mexico City and on top of all that the Kansas Jayhawks finished 1968 as Co-Champions of the Big 8. In terms of cultural cache, 1968 is the Elvis of the 20th century which, I suppose, is fitting as it was the year the King revitalized his career with the "Comeback Special."

While that very revitalization probably killed Elvis in the end--gold plated handguns and all the behavioral problems they represent are tough to come by without hit records--the Jayhawks have thus far restrained themselves in the role of the nouveau riche. (Minus that Mangino extension.)

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