MLB Umpires Should Be Responsible for Calls That Ruin Games

Alexander GeorgalasContributor IApril 5, 2017

J. Meric/Getty Images

Listen to me:

I know that human error is a part of America's past time.

However, time and time again we have seen bad calls ruin baseball games. Do you remember the no-hitter? Wait, it never happened! 

More importantly, it's ruining a part of history that you can never get back. Major league baseball must figure out a way to hold umpires more accountable for bad calls.

If this requires certain umpires to go through additional training, so be it. They should implement some type of rule where if an umpire has three strikes against them, it will force major league baseball to take action. 

Think about this for a moment: Are you sick and tired of watching every single umpire have a different strike zone? Why should any game be called differently? How can we allow this?

Something has to be done. Does anyone disagree?