Kovalchuck in Heaven

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJuly 27, 2010

I have been trying to stay away from writing anything on Kovalchuk, because it has become something of a warn-out video tape.

Kovalchuk is not any different than any other spoiled player who finally gets to the top of the ladder.

Hockey players are know different than your big bank executives pealing off millions in bones money...they only have a short time to do it.

At least with a hockey player you can see him screwing you, most nights, when he is dogging it, and the grinders are doing what it takes to make the star come to light.

No hockey player walks into the office, signs a contract for $100 million, and at 44 years old says good buy. No, it does not work that way.

In this particular case with Kovalchuk, I don't have to tell you what N.J. is getting for their money, but I can tell you it would want to be much more in the way of performance than 40 goals a year...much more.

Now getting to the player union, they of course played for many years with a handshake,, and for peanuts, and if they dogged it, there was somebody sitting at the end of the bench to take your place. Ask "Mr. Howe".

As for the league and the owners, they have every right to protect their interest, the league, and most of all, "The Business".

I mentioned "Gordie Howe": Gordie, you surely must be wondering why you were ever born 60 years too soon.