Ravens Terrence Cody Fails Conditioning Test, Passes on Third Try

Jorge CarrilloContributor IJuly 27, 2010

The Ravens organization is known for superior talent evaluation—especially on the defensive side. 

It appeared they struck gold again in this 2010 NFL draft drafting Texas's Sergio Kindle and Alabama's Terrence "Mount" Cody.  Both came from great conferences where they saw much success.

This week has been a terrible week for the Ravens. 

In a tragic event, Sergio Kindle, their unsigned rookie LB, was severely injured falling down two flights of stairs, cracking his skull.  

The time-table for his return is unsure—though he was ruled out of training camp. Unfortunately for Kindle he will be starting his rookie year behind the rest of the class.

News didn't get any better today when Cody failed his conditioning test and was not allowed to practice. 

Although talented, the concern with Cody is his laziness and inability to control his weight. Failing his conditioning test in his rookie year shows that this project may be harder than anticipated.

Cody was placed on the active PUP list, however the Ravens have up until the regular season to remove him from the list.

In the past Baltimore has been very fortunate drafting.

The Ravens were able to find their franchise quarterback, in Joe Flacco along with RT Michael Oher and RB Ray Rice. 

This year's success will depend on the progression of Flacco and Rice—not the defense, which may actually be a liability with Ed Reed potentially starting the season on the P.U.P. list. 

Although the Ravens are poised for a solid 2010 campaign, they might be staring at a window close to being shut.



To the suprise of his coach, Cody passed his exam this morning. Harbaugh was quoted saying:

"Somebody asked me [yesterday] if I was surprised about guys failing conditioning tests. I’ll have to admit that I was surprised this morning when he passed the conditioning test," Harbaugh said. "But we have it on tape that will verify the results of the test."

He was on the field this morning practicing with his team.  He even received a nickname from superstar NT Ngata, Cheeseburger.