Ben Mauk Allowed To Practice With Cincinnati Bearcats

Justin AnthonyCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

With Aug. 1 upon us and the NCAA not making a decision on whether to give Ben Mauk one more year of eligibility, the NCAA has granted Mauk the ability to practice. 

Is this a sign that the NCAA has found reason to allow Mauk to play, or is this just reading between the lines and the NCAA just doesn't want to deal with it until later?

To members of the media, this is the difference between fifth place in the Big East or the top 3 and maybe a Top 25 spot.  Without Mauk, ESPN doesn't even see the Bearcats as a bowl team. 

With or without Mauk, Brian Kelly and the Bearcats could be major players in who wins the Big East.  Mauk has already been an important part of Cincinnati's preparations for 2008 as a coaching assistant. He has been helping with the quarterbacks and has been going through summer workouts with the team.

While we wait for the NCAA's ruling Mauk practices, and that can only help the defense and the younger players.