Auburn 2004: The FWAA To Look Into Stripping USC and Awarding Auburn

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Auburn 2004:  The FWAA To Look Into Stripping USC and Awarding Auburn
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Yes, we all know, the subject is tired and the horse has officially been beaten to death. 

But news is news, and in an unprecedented statement during the Big 12 Media Days the Executive Director of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) Steve Richardson stated ""I wouldn't say we're definitely going to do that, but it's a possibility.  As we survey the scene, we have an opportunity to consider for the first time of vacating, in the modern era, a national championship."

The particular title in question is the awarding of the Grantland Rice Trophy.  This trophy has been awarded since 1954 and was the first of such awards given after bowl games.  Previous Award winners are listed on the FWAA site at

This is a completely new situation, and would be so far the only case in the modern history of college football for a team to be stripped of a title.  Richardson continued to say that a committee of former Directors of the FWAA would meet and determine what, if any, actions are required.

What would this mean to the greater scope of College Football?  Would the AP follow the leader and convene for the re-vote they have mentioned?  Would the BCS step up and remove the crystal football from USC?  How would this impact the Heisman Committee and the decision on the 2005 Heisman Memorial Trophy?  Would this be the recognized title for 2004 and would people accept the Auburn National Championship?

It's definitely a new chapter in a six and a half year old debate that may never end.

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