Pac-10 Will Become The Pac-12 When Utah And Colorado Join In 2011

James WalkerAnalyst IIJuly 27, 2010

It's official: The Pac-10 will become the Pac-12 in 2011 when Colorado and Utah officially join the conference.

Will the Big-10 finally change their name now that Nebraska will join their conference in 2011?

The Pac-10 isn't worrying about brand or marketing, but the Big-10 for whatever reason is. The Big-10 has lived with the jokes ever since Penn State joined back in 1990 to give the conference 11 teams. Now that their will be 12 teams will they feel compelled to finally change their name?

The only question that remains is if the new Pac-12 will implement divisions just like the ACC, SEC, and Big-12 did, and also hold their own championship just like the aforementioned conferences.

Here is an idea:

Pac-12 North: Washington, Washington State, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Oregon State.

Pac-12 South: USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, and California.

The Pac-12 Championship game could be held in San Francisco, Denver, or some other neutral site.

It will be interesting to watch what develops next for the future Pac-12.