Manny Pacquiao to Fight Antonio Margarito

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Manny Pacquiao to Fight Antonio Margarito
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A day before starting his career as a congressman in his native country of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao finally announced his next rival.

For a person as dignified as Pacquiao (who has committed most of his time to helping people from his home country) it's strange that he would decide to come back against a known cheater: Antonio Margarito. 

Any fighter facing Pacquiao knows the outcome, but facing the only truly relevant boxer of today is the biggest chance of a lifetime. Why give it to this man?

Not only does Pacquiao risk his reputation, in picking the prize money over the respectability in the sport for someone that will have no trouble finding someone wanting to fight him, but he also puts his health at risk.

With a fighter known for risking his opponents' health to gain an advantage, why would Margarito not resort to cheap tactics against an opponent that is far superior to him?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Whoever Pacquiao fights is irrelevant as long as Floyd Mayweather continues to hide in a corner.

For all the heat LeBron has gotten for going to the Heat (excuse the pun), Mayweather has been hiding from playing the best in his sport for much longer.

In boxing, a sport unfortunately becomes more irrelevant each day, only a fight of that magnitude could inspire enough hype to bring boxing within an echo of its glory days.

Mayweather is not only risking his own legacy, which he has all but destroyed, but that of the sport as well.

So in picking partners, Pacquiao simply picked a cheater over a coward. 

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