"During Michael Vick Debate" Skip Bayless Rudely Embarrasses Female Host

Damon KitchinerContributor IJuly 27, 2010

Jay Crawford and Skip Bayless during a broadcast of ESPN's Cold Pizza from the Super Bowl XL Media Center at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan on January 30, 2006.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

I am assuming here that sports television is similar to the other entertainment genres, and if this is so then I understand Skip Bayless’s bad guy persona. I get it; a little on air friction makes for great television. Skip gets it also and he has made a good living off of his bad guy persona. Today however his treatment of Reischea Canidate on live television crossed the line. Reischea was the moderator over a Michael Vick debate between Skip and Scoop Jackson. Skip’s stance was that Michael Vick should be disciplined for charging the public $50 dollars to get into his birthday party. Reischea tried to further investigate Skip’s stance, but skip very rudely hurried her to the next question, and cut her off whenever she tried to further investigate the stance. The debate wasn’t running long, and as a result Skip’s behavior appeared to have even more malice behind it.

In all my time watching ESPN I have never seen anything ruder. In fact when an ESPN personality slips up and says an on air curse word invariably it is followed by an on air apology. I am not sure if Skip was made to apologize either on or off air, but I think in this situation Reischea deserves one. Now you might think that I am a Skip hater, but that is not the case I even admit to agreeing with him on occasion. I think though that I will offer my insight as to why possibly he was so rude to Mrs. Canidate on live television. It starts with the almost obvious assumption that Skip prides himself on being the sporting worlds intellectual voice of reason. When a baffled Reischea further investigated Skips stance, I think instantly Skip realized that it was a foolish stance to take. After all some would argue that it would make more sense for Michael Vick to charge an entry fee to his birthday party, as the entry fee could possibly eliminate some bad elements from attending. Finally and this could go without being said “nobody should be disciplined for charging an event entry fee”

Back to the subject at hand; I don’t think that Skip was mean intentionally, I think Skip simply could not argue his point, he realized this instantly, and he panicked. You might ask why am I writing about Skip Bayless. The answer is simple. Skip has often judged the moral, and logical behaviors of today’s star athletes. Furthermore Skip has often shown no tolerance for athletes who have panicked, or made less than wise choices. Today is the day that Skips behavior should be judged. So what do you think? Do you think I am over reacting? Take a look at the video link below and judge for yourself.