Denver Broncos To John Lynch: Goodbye

noel ramosCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2016

According to CBS, Broncos safety John Lynch has been given permission to look for a new employer by Head Coach Mike Shanahan.

Shanahan reportedly told Lynch, 36, initially upset with taking a pay cut to remain with the team, to look for another team or consider retirement. When his starting status became an issue he said that it was time to move on an that that was when the conversation with Shanahan took place, the report goes on to say.

With Lynch's impending departure, the Broncos' defense took yet another hit and depth in the secondary is now becoming an issue.

The Broncos' 2008 outlook is getting bleaker by the day, it seems. Now all they need is for Brandon Marshall to get a four-game suspension and they could be looking at an awful 0-3 start before they play the Chiefs in Week four.

Mike Shanahan's seat could be getting pretty warm if that should happen and the Broncos could be headed for the AFC West cellar.