Why Jillian Hall Should Be Pushed By the WWE

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Why Jillian Hall Should Be Pushed By the WWE

Hello Bleacherreport! It's been a long time since I've done a free-form article so bear with me. Today, as stated in the title, I'm going to discuss why Jillian Hall should be pushed by the WWE. We all know she's infamously misused, but is it deserved? I think not. And this is why:



Jillian has to be the most decorated Diva on the roster in terms of the Indy scene. Hell, she could even give men a run for their money! That says a lot, and from the get go you can tell she's packing talent. She was one hot free agent back then, but now WWE's snatced her up...



Jillian is bursting with this stuff. Anything and everything she does is always full of life and passion, and that's something not everyone possesses. She always seems to bring that extra "oomph" into her work, and it's always very apparent.

So many of the women today lack this trait, and believe it or not, it can make or break any given competitor. 


Mic Skills

This goes hand-in-hand with charisma because if one has no charisma they are boring on the mic. Jillian has always been able to talk, and over the years she's annoyed the crap out of us with her talking.

Mic skills are a key part in building up any competitor. This is the time we get to learn about them. This is the time we choose to like or dislike them. It's the time people like John Cena and Chris Jericho have used to fly to the top, and Jillian has it.

Just like charisma mic skills make or break wrestlers. If you don't believe me, let me give you a few examples:

Michelle McCool: Although she's drastically improved in this department, thanks to Layla, Michelle has always had a monotonous, drowsy voice. It's what's plagued her with the disease of no reactions from the crowd. 

Gail Kim: Yes, I know she's an amazing wrestler, but she doesn't own the mic. Gail's not horrible on the mic, not great either, she's just in between. Argue what you want, but maybe Gail would be treated better if she had the voice for it.

The Miz: The "Awesome One" has exploded to the top of the division. Love him or hate him, the man can talk. He's known as one of the best, if not the best, talker on the roster. Can you argue with the fact that he's gotten where he has thanks to his mic skills? I think not. Just look at his ex-partner, John Morrison. Our own era's Marty Jannetty/Shawn Michaels. Sad, but true.

Those are enough examples for now, and I think it's safe to say that this is an essential part of being a top star, which Jillian possesses.


In-Ring Ability

Jillian also happens to be a fantastic wrestler. She can have a good match with literally any woman on the roster, and has proven that many times. I dare you to search up some of her OVW matches and tell me she's bad in the ring, because I've had enough of people calling her a bad worker.

From Mickie to Maria, Jillian's pulled a great match out of everyone! Just look at her matces with the Bellas, or Kelly! All very watchable and enjoyable. She can be the heel or the face, in terms of the ring, and it's rare to see her screw up a match by having bad pacing or botches in between.



This is something that such a small portion of women on the roster have now. As I've stated before Jillian has some pretty great accolades stacked up from the Indy scene, and if you don't know she's been wrestling since 1998. Amazing, I know.

Experience is great to carry, because obviously it looks good on a resume', and if there are any disasters in the match the wrestler will know how to react to the situation. Such as the Candice Michelle incident. Beth immediately finished the match and that was that.

Could you imagine what someone like Kelly would do in a situation like that? Yikes!


The Look

Need I explain?


The "IT" Factor

Honestly, I think Jillian is the perfect candidate to spearhead the women's division in WWE. She has everything they're looking for and so much more. When she's on the screen you want to watch her, and everything she does comes off great.

It's rare to see a talent like this come along in the US, let alone the world! You could put Jillian in the categories of Molly, Jazz, and many more greats. She's so good at what she does it's scary. The woman knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Now WWE seems to be turning her face. This is the perfect opportunity for them to get the fans on her side. Say goodbye to that horrible singing gimmick, and hello to a new side of Jillian. Show them the face Jillian. The Jillian we like, the Jillian we want to cheer for, and the Jillian that should've been here from the start.

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