A Learning Curve on the Caney Fork

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A Learning Curve on the Caney Fork
  This past Saturday my son-in-law and I made a trip to the Caney Fork. We spent the day with the canoe, kayak, and flat bottom boat crowd along with a large group of bank fishermen. Of course this is what to expect on a weekend. We had a great trip landing numbers of rainbow throughout day. The selection of the fly changed as much as the wind direction during the day. You have to be willing to make a change to adapt to some of the hatch patterns that occur on the river. This is something I have learned over past trips to the Caney. Every time I make the trip I treat it as a learning experience now. This trip for me was a time to try some of the comments that was made on my recent post. “Indicator verses Tight Lining.” I spent most of the morning tinkering with the indicator in some great runs and some pockets. I applied the advice that Bigerrfish, Midgeman and Colorado Angler gave me. Patience, watching every move of the indicator, working with my line placement, and making sure that the fly was the first thing that the trout saw. After close to three hours of missing and misreading the indicator, I finally landed my first trout in a seam with the indicator moving through the seam, but this time the little pause was a trout and hooked in the upper lip.

From the run
I learned you really have to paid close attention to what the indicator is doing throughout a run. One trout is better than no trout so I am glad I took the time to apply all the advice given to me the past week. After lunch I decided to go with the double nymph system to no avail, so my son-in-law and I changed tactics and went with a olive wooly buggers tight lining.

Sorry for the bad pic, me being the camera operator
We managed to land three trout in less than 10 minutes, but after that it was lights out, until dark when my son-in-law landed a couple of fish on a tiny rapala using his micro-light rig.

My son-in-law landing a bow in one of the pockets
This ended a great trip along with a lot of information gathered and learned. This is what makes fishing so addictive to me. I am ready to make another trip in the next couple of weeks.

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