TNA To Deliver Free Pay-Per-View Quality Show Following Hardcore Justice

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIJuly 27, 2010

Since TNA has dedicated Hardcore Justice to the ECW crew, the boys backstage decided to hold a show featuring matches by the company's actual roster. 

The show is going to be taped August 9, the day after Hardcore Justice.

One can assume that it will air Thursday August 12.

Details on the show are vague at this point but one can probably expect Rob Van Dam to defend his World Heavyweight Championship. RVD is not expected to defend his title at Hardcore Justice and his opponent is expected to be Jerry Lynn. 

This show is expected to air much like a regular pay-per-view with little promos and none of the campy skits that TNA likes to air. This is a good move for TNA for numerous reasons. 

The most obvious is that TNA needs to showcase it's own talent.

A.J. Styles will be making money for the company for years to come. These ECWers will hopefully be long gone by then.

Guys like Styles, Kurt Angle, Desmond Wolfe, and Samoa Joe can actually work a match, and they need to be given the opportunity to do so. 

This show will also give the audience an idea of what a TNA pay-per-view is all about.

Pay-per-view buyrates are around 20,000 and need to be much higher before another shot at the WWE is even plausible. This gives the audience a free look at what they've been missing. 

There are potential problems with the show. One is that is draws away from Hardcore Justice.

People who may be on the fence about ordering it will likely not do so because of a pay-per-view quality show days away from it. Not many of us are expecting great wrestling from Hardcore Justice, but then again most of us probably won't watch it. 

The other issue is build up.

A pay-per-view is supposed to be the climax of important feuds between wrestlers.

August 9 isn't very far away and the build up can't be very good.

TNA needs to promote Hardcore Justice as well. We can't really expect the company to build both up when it often struggles to adequately promote pay-per-views in the first place.

The Beer Money/Motor City Machineguns feud might conclude here, but that's the only really good feud going on right now. 

Build up aside, we can almost be guaranteed that the wrestlers will give us a good show. TNA might have a lot of issues, but its performers never cease to amaze me.

Maybe we can have a legitimately good X Division match?

A man can dream, can't he?

What do you guy think? Is this a good move?