Raw Rebound: Foxes Don't Like Birds

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Raw Rebound: Foxes Don't Like Birds

Last week Eve beat out Maryse in quite a boring match-up. It really served no purpose, and was just another filler on the card.

Will this week see a continuation of what went down last week? Or will Raw head in another new direction? Watch what went down below:


The Bellas are out first in their cute blue gear and the Divas Champ follows suit in her fierce leopard-print outfit.

The bell rings and Alicia takes control quickly, gutting Brie with a kick and driving her into the corner twice.

She takes her to the next corner, pummeling her with kicks and choking her for a moment. As the ref makes her relent, the twins try switching but Jillian comes from the back and stops this.

Alicia kicks Nikki right in the head before going after Brie again. Brie quickly goes for a roll-up but only receives two. The champ stealthily kicks Brie in the gut before hitting her fabulous axe kick for the win.

Jillian then tries to congratulate the champ, even offering a song, but is instead gutted and axe-kicked just like Brie was. Alicia walks off and the segment ends there.

Ok, well, what was the point of that? You know what, I'll try and find a point in this as I did with what we were given last week.

Since Alicia was missing from last week's show I guess this was her return to the spotlight. Maybe she beat Brie to further solidify herself as top Diva?

If so, I guess the match wasn't completely useless. Still, what was Jillian doing there?

I guess WWE decided to merge two storylines together, and maybe this is the beginning of a new storyline for Jillian.

I hope so, because as far as I'm concerned, Jillian was the best part of the whole segment tonight.

She looked good, talked well, and worked well. Jillian is such a great talent and WWE doesn't even know it! I've touted her from the start, and I will definitely continue to do so.

She's been with the company for a good five years. She's been misused and abused, but has never once left or complained. She doesn't have a bad rep backstage, and she's quite likable. But that's not even the best part! Oh no!

Jillian Hall also happens to be a great in-ring worker! The girl can do it all! She's one of the few people in wrestling that can be considered the 'total package', and I can only hope that this is the start of a big push for her. She's definitely earned it.

A few weeks back I suggested WWE have her turn face in a simple way. Just make it easy and noticeable is what I wanted. I guess they're finally starting to listen, because this was definitely a great way to kick off a face turn for Jillian.

Yes, there you go! I'll go on record to say it, Jillian Hall is turning face, and I couldn't be happier!

I know this might be jumping the gun, but I really do smell a face turn for the Songstress. If so, I know she'll take the ball and roll all the way with it. She's done so with everything she has been given, so why not this?

Just look at her little angle with the Bellas, or her short Divas Title reign. In my honest opinion her reign was the best and most entertaining out of all. She loved that title, babied it even! For all the two or three minutes she held it, she made it mean something.

How many women of this era have done that with their reigns, if any?

Very few, I'm sure. I have something of a soft spot for Jillian because she's so great at what she does yet says nothing of the way she's treated.

The woman is going to be 30 this year! 30! And how many pushes has she been given? One, maybe two. It's shocking and sad all at the same time.

I'm going to stop now, because I could go on for days about Jillian's greatness.

Let's hope this is the start of something good.

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