Roy Williams' Shoulder Pads Refuse To Be Worn

Tyler AdamsContributor IJuly 27, 2010

SAN ANTONIO, TX—Cowboys receiver Roy Williams walked into the Cowboys locker room Monday morning to a startling development. He was surprised to find even his own his own shoulder pads rejecting him. This comes after Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant and even Roy Williams' four-year-old son refused to carry his pads. 

"I didn't feel he was good enough to wear me." The brand new shoulder pads said as Roy was crying in the corner. "I was meant for elite receivers like Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, and Miles Austin." 

Added Roy Williams,"I worked so hard in the off season, and now my teammates, son, and shoulder pads turn me down? That's not right."

Williams had apparently had a great camp before the shoulder pads incident though. According to Wade Phillips, "Roy only dropped 40 passes today out of the 50 we shot him, you can tell the work he put in this off season."

Jerry Jones was also available for comment on this matter in which he stated, "Roy deserves these troubles, he signed that gigantic contract and he has done nothing. Roy can retire for all I care." 

After Williams was seen crying in the corner, Cowboys teammates started recording video and exclaiming, "This is goin' straight to YouTube!"

One former Cowboys teammate felt sympathy for Roy though. Cowboys former linebacker Bobby "Barbie" Carpenter of the St.Louis Rams stated, "I've been there, crying, getting made fun of, and then taped to the goal post." Carpenter added, "That was last year's training camp, and I intend to minimize getting tied to the goal post for the Rams."

It was rather unfortunate that the tables have turned on Roy so fast, but you have to wonder if he deserves it. He did sign that rather large contract, and called himself the No. 1 WR in March. The Shoulder Pads likely gave Roy the reality check he needs.