A Massive Season For Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger

Akhil VyasCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2010

BLACKBURN, ENGLAND - MAY 03:  Arsenal manager  Arsene Wenger shows his emotions during the Barclays Premier League match between Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal at Ewood Park on May 3, 2010 in Blackburn, England.  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

This could just end up to be one of the biggest seasons in Arsene Wenger’s career. As a supporter, I certainly feel this is a big season for me and most fans will feel the same but no one will feel the pressure more then Mr Wenger.  


I was lucky enough to run into Mr Wenger at the Underhill a few Saturdays ago and just from his actions, I could tell how desperate he is to win. We have seen in the last few seasons how he has changed from his calm and collective self to become a lot more agitated. The image of Mr Wenger down on his knee’s has become an image that most arsenal fans feel very close too and I am sure many fans have been in that same position when watching Arsenal over recent years.


We have been close to winning this league. We came close a few years ago when Eduardo broke his leg and we came close last season when the wheels fell off along with the fitness of six first team starters.


In Arsene Wenger, we have one of the best managers and coaches in world football. In his first full season, he won the double with the league and FA Cup. He in 2002 once again did the double and went the whole season without losing away from home and scored in every game. In 2004, he went the whole season unbeaten home and away, something that had never been done in the premiership and is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. Since then success has been limited, but continued qualification for the champions league along with an actual champions league final has shown that Arsenal have been close.


I have heard some people suggest that Mr Wenger’s time is up and should move on, but id like to put a question back to those people, who would you get to replace him? And who would do a job like Mr Wenger has done with limited resources. Who has a scouting system like Mr Wenger? Who would play the Arsenal way? I struggle to come up with an answer.


I love everything about how Mr Wenger runs the club. I am 100% against foreign ownership because of the fear that the owner one day, sells up and moves on leaving the club with a lot of debt or a Manchester United type situation where the owners are taking money out rather then putting money in. I think the whole philosophy of only spending your revenue is the correct one. Once the stadium is paid off, Arsenal will not have any real debts and will be free of major loans.


I love the style of play we produce. As Thierry Henry said, he likes football to be played as HE thinks football should be played and that is the way Arsenal play and I could not agree more! The way Arsenal play football is the way I want it to be played. When I go to the Emirates stadium, I know the standard of football will be high. There are however, some changes that need to be made and I am sure they will be but the playing style will remain the same.


Arsene Wenger is a stubborn man and will always stick to his principles, he is determined to do things his own way and in 2006 in the champions’ league final in Paris showed that it nearly paid off. The one problem he has is, when he gets close to completing his perfect team, a player leaves or something happens and things have to change again. In 2006, Wenger had the vision that Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky would be his perfect midfield then Hleb left to go to and bench warm at Barcelona and Flamini went to have a quiet life in Milan and Rosicky was injured for 20 months. He then had to re-think and change things. He had Adebayor and Van Persie has his two main strikers after Henry went with Eduardo there too. Then Eduardo got injured and Adebayor become a bit of a distraction and left the club. The formation was then changed and players like Nasri and Arshavin were brought in. Song and Diaby then developed and the 5 man midfield looked to be looking strong and with Van Persie up front, the team looked good……that was until Robin Van Persie was out for 5 months then Cesc Fabregas got injured and then the rest followed and the plan was ruined again. Then this summer, we had the whole Will he or Wont he with Cesc Fabregas and once again there was doubts in the Arsenal camp.


Football is a sport where you must adapt but luck has a big part to play too and luck hasn’t been on our side.


This season is a massive season for us all. We last won something on 21st of May 2005 which was the FA Cup. We must get some silverware and bring it to our new home. The new ground deserves some silverware and a championship party would go down well with the faithful. The club have tried to make the Emirates more homely by renaming the stands from the famous Highbury stands and the clock is back in the ground too. This can only help.


If another trophy less season comes and goes, then more questions will be asked and more fans may lose patience in Mr Wenger.


I along with Mr Wenger am desperate to win something. I believe we are not far away but do need a few signings to come in and strengthen our squad. The transfer window is still open and it is still pre-season so we must trust Mr Wenger to do the right things and get behind him and the team once again this season.


This season could be the season…..


Come on you Arsenal.


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