Did I Miss Something, Since When Are Spurs Attractive?

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2008

David Bentley and Andrei Arshavin are set to join Luka Modric at White Hart Lane and I have to wonder, since when are Spurs big? Don't get me wrong I like Spurs and love their style of play but Arshavin, why would he take a step down?

The Spurs were winners of the Carling Cup yet failed to make any impact in the EPL, finishing one place above my dear Newcastle. OK they can offer UEFA Cup football but so can Aston Villa and he would be playing Champions League if he stayed at Zenit.

I don't understand the image of Spurs to players, perhaps like Keane, Carrick and possibly Berbatov, they see it as a stepping stone to the Top 4 or a La Liga giant. Yet if your as good as the world proclaims Arshavin, then I would hold out for a better move.

David Bentley is leaving Blackburn Rovers for Spurs, this I get. Blackburn are a smaller club who will always have to sell their assets and the last day of Jul 2008 marks another chapter in their selling history.

Yet Zenit who are not strapped for cash, have made previous statements about only selling to their players dream are selling to Spurs.

Oh I get it, by saying I dream of playing for Barcelona in the Champions League, he meant I dream of playing for Tottenham in the UEFA Cup. Maybe his Russian translator was having a bad day...

However here's another reason, location, location, location. London is where the players want to be, the wild nightlife and so on, yet in three years they'll be happy to swap it for Manchester or Barcelona.

Help me out here Bleacher, I want to see what makes Spurs so attractive?