World Cup 2010: Paul the Psychic Octopus—The Movie

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 27, 2010

Paul the octopus shot to fame this summer with his incredibly accurate predictions of World Cup match results. Now, he'll become a legend of the silver screen. 

The title of the film doesn't foreshadow good things for the undersea creature: The Murder of Paul the Octopus.

The Filming of the black comedy has already finished in South Africa, and post-production work on the film is well under way.

The producers of the film—the China Film Group Corporation and Beijing Filmblog Media Company—are looking to get as much publicity as possible and have set their sights on an August release.

The only downside to the film, apart from the murder of course, is that Paul himself is not actually in the film. The director used a body double.

The makers have said they will focus on the octupus' amazing winning streak, and explore "how the octopus acquires the ability and discuss his possible fates."

They would not reveal the ending, although the title suggests that it wont be a completely true story, as Paul is still alive.

Paul predicted all of Germany's results correctly, even their defeats. He also predicted Spain's historic victory over Holland in the Final.

But it's not just the film that has come out of his amazing world cup run. The Shanghai World Expo issued a special Paul stamp, and online shopping giant now sells a range of octopus-themed merchandise from toys to t-shirts.

According to Wang Shu, a salesman, "Since Paul became extremely popular among soccer fans as well as some stylish young people, I have sold more than 50 octopus-shaped tissue boxes a day, each priced at eight yuan (80 pence)."

"Many other products printed with octopus patterns have also become a craze. For example tablecloths, tableware and cushions."

Octopuses are being sold as pets even more now. It's all the rage.

I have even been able to get my hands on a packet of octopus shaped Post-It notes.

Keep your eyes peeled at your local cinema for The Murder of Paul the Octopus . I'm sure it'll be a classic.